Blocking my blog..

I have become re-acquainted with my mechanic this week.  Probably words that would make most of us car owners cringe.  In my last post I wrote about the struggle we had trying to get the Allstate call center (in India) to figure out where DS1’s truck was and send the tow truck. In the end, we gave up and called a local company that took care of things with very little hassle. Wednesday morning I wrote a strongly worded email to the Allstate customer service people detailing the problems that we had dealing with their call center. Their response took two different directions. One expected, the other not so much.

The first reaction was to send me a letter apologising for the problems we had. Then the letter went on to detail why the call center was in India and that Allstate was not the only company doing this. Pure public relations nonsense. The other reaction came from my agent. He was notified about my email and that we have had 13 claims in the last ?? years. He did not either tell me or remember what the time frame was. I said, and?  My agent said that the company might be looking to not renew us due to number of claims. I said “What?” Most of the claims have been towing claims that cost them 50 dollars each.  We pay 6500 dollars a year for car insurance and they are going to drop us over 50 dollar towing claims?

I was dumbfounded. My agent (who was a family friend before he became our agent) said there was no indication that this was the direction the company was headed in. Funny how when you bitch, they turn the whole thing back around on you!  The fact that the “head office” communicated to him the number of claims as part of my current complaint says that they are thinking about booting us.  What good is insurance if you can’t use it when you need it? I’m thinking that a pre-emptive search for a new car and home owners insurance company is in order. 

My brother the weatherman said that his company’s web filters blocked Tuesday’s blog. I guess they will probably block this one at well.

Cars, DS1 is back on the road. New bearing in the front left. My DW’s van has new brakes, oil change and tires rotated.  We left two 30 packs of beer in the car for the mechanics to enjoy. Some Christmas cheer!

Friday, Saturday and Sunday we will be in Scranton. We’re leaving the oldest in charge.. I’ll bring the computer and send some pictures of the grey and cold.

Here are a few pictures from DS2. Marywood University had their tree lighting yesterday. These pictures come from that event. Enjoy!



IMG950658 IMG950656 IMG950657