No yoga for me tonight..

Today was an interesting day. I decided this morning to work from home since the weather was supposed to be pretty nice.  For the first week in December, having the temperatures in the low 60’s is pretty nice in New Jersey. I did some early calls and “disappeared” around noontime to go out and ride my bike.  Go figure, I got another chance to ride my bike this year. I figured after Sandy and the cold month of November, the bike riding season would be over.

I got all my things together and in my haste, maybe, to leave the house, I left my water and Gatorade on the kitchen table. I was pretty thirsty when I got to the Wawa at mile 13.  I rode the Barnegat Branch Trail from the Wawa in Waretown to the current northern end where I took a picture of my bike with the Oyster Creek Nuclear Power Station in the background. This was about 15.5 miles into the ride.

I hopped on my bike and headed south towards my home and was blasted by a stiff breeze out of the south. I thought the weather forecast was for a south-west wind which would have not been an issue until the last 3 mile leg. Instead, I rode ten miles back to my home with the wind (a warm summer breeze ((Sinatra reference))) in my face. My legs are pretty tired after running lacrosse last night and riding 25 miles today.

But, that is not why I missed yoga tonight. My DW went and is on her way home as I write this.  Friday, during his commute home, DS1 heard a grinding noise in the front left tire of his car. He ignored it. Tonight he made it to about 8 miles from home when the brakes gave out and the car needed a tow.  I hope that we aren’t getting back into the towing season. We went through that back in August.  I drove out to see what the story was and found him in the parking lot of Skippers Seafood Exchange. He was on the phone with Allstate, with whom we have a towing reimbursement rider on our insurance policy.

I’ve spoken with these people before. They are somewhere, way offshore, with no local or even regional understanding of where you, the driver are. The have a script, just like Dell and all the rest. They ask the same questions over and over. Then they place you on hold while they try, (I guess) to figure out where you are. I think that their mapping software comes from the same people that did the IOS 6 mapping software. You get the idea.  I finally called a local towing company and arranged for the tow truck. I will be stopping by my agent’s office on Friday with my towing bill looking for reimbursement.  I also wrote Allstate a nasty email about their call center people. Not like that will make a difference.

Here is the picture from the bike ride today. Both pictures I took today were fuzzy. Maybe the power plant has a jammer to keep you from taking clear pictures in the area.  Enjoy!


2012-12-04 12.55.09


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