Magic of Disney..

Or maybe the magic of Word Press. With any luck your view of this blog should include snow flakes. Last year, if you moved your mouse from one side of the screen to the other, the snow would change direction to follow your mouse. Time will tell.

Working backwards here is the update for the last few days. Tonight I played lacrosse with the old (and young) men in Robbinsville.  I had two assists and no goals.  I had two shots on goal, one missed and the goalie stopped the other. My hands are still a little sore from being checked while handling the ball.  My DW went to yoga tonight. Boys to lacrosse, girls to yoga.   She said that the holiday doldrums have set in at her yoga class. Attendance is way down. Then, come the first of the year, bam! the class will be packed again. I guess she and the other regulars should enjoy the peace and quiet.

Work today was not too bad. I was busy all day. My DW worked a full day as well. I heard from the code enforcement officer today around noon time. It would appear that my neighbor behind my house is the guilty party that called the town about the trees that I cut up yesterday. The code enforcement officer was out to the “scene of the crime”  (Alice’s Restaurant reference) this morning and said the work I did this weekend is sufficient and there will be no further action by the town in this matter.  Maybe next time this neighbor has something to say, they will try communicating without using the town.

Sunday night, I watched the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead. Did you?  It was awesome. I can’t wait for February to be here and the show to resume.  DS3 returned from his Fall FTX (Field Training Exercise) held this year at Fort Dix. He passed his day and night land navigation tests. He had a good time but was tired last night when we talked to him.

Sunday afternoon DS1 cleaned the gutters at our house and at his grandmother’s house. We also shot around the lacrosse balls down at the high school.  My DW and I did our grocery shopping around noontime. There seems to be twice as many people on the road this weekend as normal. Hopefully they will get this out of their systems and go back to wherever they came from. (New York, Pennsylvania, Alaska, Tennessee just to mention a few).  Someone drove their car from Alaska to Waretown, NJ?  Hello, McFly, Waretown?

 Here is a picture from Thanksgiving 2012. Enjoy!




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