2012 in review or Happy New Years!

First off, to those that have read and visited my blog, THANK YOU!  Yes, I’m shouting. 

Below is the end of the year report that detail where you are all from, how many times you visited, or if you have been naughty or nice.


The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

600 people reached the top of Mt. Everest in 2012. This blog got about 10,000 views in 2012. If every person who reached the top of Mt. Everest viewed this blog, it would have taken 17 years to get that many views.

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Snowdrift Vanilla Porter..

Is a Porter a beer?  It certainly is not an ale.  This particular Porter is made by the Leinenkugel’s Brewing Company of  Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin.  I give this beer a thumbs up. My DW likes stouts and porters and she likes this one as well.   We also bought the Brooklyn Brewery’s Winter Ale today. I did not like this at all. I will save for one of the kids if they will drink it.  It might be me, I am willing to concede that. We walked around COSTCO today and I liked one of the ten or so products being offered as samples. I usually can find some redemption in almost every free sample I taste. Not today..

I seem to be suffering from a post-Christmas sugar rush crash. I tried to explain this to DS2 at dinner today.  The build up to Christmas was intense. The delivery of the holiday met expectations (that’s good, right?). The next day, sugar crash. Way up high, then way down. Why? You ask? I’m not really sure. Maybe it’s the real world intruding on my holiday sugar rush. Wednesday we had four inches of rain fall in our area. We had no rain in the cellar. The waterproofing from the fall continues to work. We have a cellar window that is at the ground level. In the past we have had water flood in this window during very heavy rain events. Wednesday night we spent four hours bailing the window box to keep the rain out.  I am devising a plan to permanently solve this problem.

Wednesday we also found out that one of the boys that played with DS1 on his college lacrosse team was found dead on Christmas around lunch time.  This was an unexpected death. At this point I have not heard the definitive cause of death. The family has a history of fatal brain aneurysms. The boy was also in some trouble with the law and may have taken his own life. At this point I don’t know.  DS1 took this pretty hard.

Fast forward to Saturday night. DS1 is in Pittsburgh visiting with his college lacrosse teammates. The trip was scheduled two weeks ago. This can be a good time for them to get together and grieve, if they are careful. The funeral and such will be held near Seattle, Wa. DS3 is on Long Island this evening. I took him to the train station this morning. He took the train into New York City to meet up with a girl who lives on Long Island and goes to the same university as him.  They spent the day in NYC and have made their way to her mom’s house on Long island.  This is a leap of faith on the part of his parents.

Me, I’m working through it. Pictures, of course!  Enjoy!


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Merry Christmas..

If you celebrate, that is. If not, I hope you enjoy this holiday time of year.  Today is December 25, 2012. Today Jimmy Buffett turned 66 years old.  I wonder what he got for his birthday?  What do you get for someone who can purchase anything for themselves?  

But first, we will briefly discuss Sunday and Monday.

Sunday was the usual chores for us. We went to the fish market for clams and crabmeat.  Since Sunday was Christmas Eve – Eve, the fish market was slammed busy. My buddy owns the business and he was in the parking lot directing traffic. That is a first. We also went to the Shop Rite to do our weekly food shopping. The cost of the weekly grocery bill is about 30 % more with the additional two children home from college.  The grocery store was slammed busy. I know that Tuesday was/is Christmas, but we have never saw either business this busy. Good for them.

Dinner Sunday night included a friend of DS1. We had steamed little neck clams and steamed lobsters (on sale). Both were served with copious amounts of butter. DS3 had filet mignon since he does not like lobster. After dinner DS1, DS3 and the friend went outside and burned some of the Sandy branches that we collected in the backyard. They apparently also enjoyed a cigar (each). That’s not for me.

Monday was Christmas Eve. I went to work with a 8 foot table, two pounds of shrimp and cocktail sauce. We had a minor Christmas party at work. The main course for the day was pizza that everybody chipped in for. We closed the office around 3:30 and headed home. Traffic was pretty light in both directions Monday. I had DS3 meet me at Best Buy to advise on a replacement X Box as a Christmas present for the three boys. On the drive home I had two support calls come in. I am on overnight support this week. Both of the calls decided to wait until Wednesday since the stores were so busy.

Dinner Monday night was a prime rib roast. This is our family’s tradition for Christmas Eve.  We had salt potatoes as our side. Do a Google search if you don’t know what they are. Or click here.  For our appraiser we had fresh mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, skewers of jumbo lump crabmeat, shrimp cocktail and lobster meat served on a bed of jumbo lump. Dinner was perfect. One of my fellow employees gave me a bottle of red wine which we enjoyed with our dinner. 

Today, Tuesday, we exchanged gifts around 10 am when the boys were all finally awake. Breakfast was pancakes. Banana or blueberry. DS2 got some real maple syrup from Lowville, NY. That really made the pancakes taste excellent. At lunch time we went to my DW’s moms house for dinner and gifts. Dinner was lasagna, ham and lots of side dishes. The desert selections was pretty crazy as well.  After dinner, well, we cleaned up, exchanged gifts and went home.

Here are a few pictures from the last three days.  Enjoy!



Keeping it light and festive..

The dreaded end of the world failed to materialize yesterday.  Duh!  I was prepared for the current outcome having completed the necessary Christmas shopping and bill paying for the month.  We did go out to dinner Friday night to celebrate that last meal together.  DS1 was not available for this meal. He and his co-workers had their Christmas party Friday. I got the owner of the restaurant to take a picture of us. That picture will be below.  I worked from home Friday and my DW worked a half day since they did not have many cases.  Monday she is on call just in case there are cases that need to be done.

Friday while I working from home I looked up from my computer and saw some type of hawk sitting on the railing of the back deck. I shot a picture with my cell phone. I could not get the big camera out before the bird flew away. In the backyard near where the hawk was sitting, I had put out bird food which attracts the squirrels and small birds in the neighborhood. All looking for something to eat during the cold winter months. I don’t feed them in the spring, summer or fall figuring that they can find their own food. The hawk was looking for one of the small birds for his dinner.  Needless to say, the small birds and the squirrels where hiding while the hawk was in the back yard!

Today is Saturday, December 22, 2012. Just another Saturday here for us. We woke up this morning with all three kids asleep in our home. It’s a good feeling to look out the front window and see that all the cars are out front. Hey, you never know.  Food.. Breakfast was eggs, lunch was soup from COSTCO, dinner was cheeseburgers and cheese noodles. Yum! We also had fresh mozzarella – tomato – fresh basil.

I replaced my MR. Coffee espresso maker this week after I killed it. The coffee production had really slowed in the last week so I took upon myself to clean the machine. I inadvertently filled the machinery compartment with water, which basically killed the machine.  I went to Target to buy a new one and found a newer (cheaper) model. I brought this home and it did not work correctly. The seal between the coffee holder and the machine was poor and the pressure forced the water around the espresso holder. Total crap.  I took it back and no, I did not want to try a replacement, thank you. Stay away from MR Coffee model #ECMP55.

I bought this model from Amazon. The learning curve has been slight. The coffee, pretty good.  I’m happy in the morning again. 

Here are a few pictures from the last two days.  Enjoy!


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More Christmas time pictures..

In keeping with the holiday theme from yesterday, I went out in search of holiday decorations today. After I had my chicken parmigina and manicotti lunch at Tony’s in Farmingdale, I drove around Farmingdale looking for inflatable decorations. I found a few that were inflated in the middle of the day. Most of the inflatable decorations were lying on the ground, like discarded zombies waiting for night fall to rise up and haunt the neighborhood. Yes, I know that zombies don’t sleep during the day. In my world, they might.

After dinner, my DW and I walked around our neighborhood to see the various decorations and shoot some more pictures for tonight’s blog.  We had a nice walk. The loop around the neighborhood is about one mile. Easy to do. 

Here, without any further nonsense from me, are the pictures.  If you click here you can see them via Drop Box. 



Wednesday is photo day at the Limeguy compound..

I missed my photo journalism outing for the last few weeks.  Things have been just too hectic. Today,  I went down to Main Street in Manasquan.  The Christmas decorations were out in full force. There were not too many people walking around. While it was sunny, it was pretty breezy.

Here are some of the pictures and some comments..  If you click on any of the pictures you should be taken to a screen where you can scroll through the pictures.

All the pictures can be found here.

I will not include any Sandy storm pictures on this Christmas Holiday page.



Two car wrecks and a Buffett concert from 1977..

The Jimmy Buffett concert of the week this week is from Central Park, NYC recorded in early August, 1977. I was a sophomore in high school that year. I don’t remember the concert being advertised. But then I was only 16 years old. The concert can be heard several times this week by going to Radio Margaritaville on the internet. If you have a Sirius/XM radio, you can go to channel 24. It was fun to listen to an old concert on the radio tonight.

The two car wrecks, that is a different story altogether. Neither of them included anyone that I know (thankfully).  We (DS3 and I) saw the first wreck Monday night on the way home from lacrosse. We were driving home through the woods (and fog) when I saw several cars on the side of the road with their flashers on. I slowed down and moved to the middle of the two lane highway to avoid whatever was going on. As we went by we saw a small car on its side wedged up against a roadside billboard.  There were cars and people everywhere. The cars were sitting, the people were just standing around, talking. No police, fire, EMS or tow trucks. We drove 5 minutes further east and never saw any emergency vehicles.

The second wreck was a two car deal on the GSP near MM 96 northbound this morning.  Traffic was backed up for ten miles while the tow trucks and state police sorted things out. Funny thing about this morning, I left home ten minutes early (don’t know why) and got to work 30 minutes late.  I still beat most of the people I work with to the office.

Tonight was the last night of adult school yoga for the year. We start-up again in February or March.  We (DW and I) both enjoyed tonight’s class even though the library where class is held was a little warm.

Pictures, two from the summer.  Enjoy!


IMG_0002 IMG_0011

Post Number 500..

Bamm, just like that. 500 posts. This one took four days to write.  Working from where we left off, life has been a little hectic.  Friday was my last vacation day for 2012. The company where I work, you either use your vacation days or loose them. No buy backs or carry over from year to year.  And, only a true dunce would let vacation days “expire”.  What did I do on my December vacation? Well, I did chores around the house. I got my hair cut. And my employer sponsored Christmas party was held.  The party was held at the Shipwreck Grill in Belmar, NJ.  The have great seafood and steaks. I had oysters for my appetizer and filet mignon and sea scallops for dinner. Yum!!  Friday evening while I was out, DS2 returned from college for his Christmas break.

Saturday was also a busy day doing various chores and shopping. DS3 came home in the afternoon from college for his Christmas break. Saturday morning I cut the base off the Christmas tree and brought it in the house. A bonus of having a son in the tree business?  Why, a huge tree that was free!  This Christmas tree is the hugest, fullest, tree we have ever had.  My DW, DS2 and DS3 did a great job putting the ornaments on the tree after I strung up the lights.  Saturday night there we no leftovers from dinner. This is the first time since back in August when the two younger boys went away to school. Saturday night DS1 went to Atlantic City to attend the birthday party of one of his friends.  He was not the designated driver!

Sunday, started off slow. I made breakfast for the family. We figured out that DS1 came home early Sunday morning instead of staying in Atlantic City. His designated driver was not feeling well and want to go home. DS1 was under the weather until well into the afternoon. DS2 went grocery shopping with us. This in interesting in that he worked the last three summers in the deli located in a supermarket. He went cold cut shopping with me. I got to hear a few deli “horror stories” while we waited for our food. Dinner Sunday night was flounder and lobster francese. Again, no leftovers!

Monday (today), was a grey, Scranton – like day. I worked in the office. DS1 went to work. My DW went to work. DS2 and DS3 enjoyed their time off. Tonight DS3 and I went to play lacrosse in Robbinsville.  DS3 had two goals. I had two assists and no goals. One of DS3’s goals was on a pass from me! Pretty sweet. There were quite a few college kids there tonight. I stopped playing at 9 pm. The college kids and some of the adults continued to play until 10 pm. I was having trouble seeing the ball and the college kids were throwing the passes much quicker than I could catch them. My DW went to yoga tonight.

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!




Last chance for romance..

There might be a song title in there. Hmmm. Thursday night here in New Jersey.  This will probably be the last quiet night for the next six weeks or so here at the ole homestead. DS2 returns from school tomorrow. DS3 returns on Saturday. Tonight DS1 is visiting “she’s not my girlfriend” for the night. That means we are empty nesters for the night.  Big plans are in order. First we had leftover meat loaf, mashed potatoes and a salad to for dinner. I brought home a small keg, what do they call these things?  See the picture below. Christmas Ale from the Breckenridge Brewery in Colorado. Interesting Christmas Ale. 

After dinner we are resting. I am in “the chair”, she is on the couch reading a book on her Kindle. I type, she reads.  Tonight the Bengals and the Eagles are playing football. Since we follow the Bengals we will watch on the new tv. We don’t have to share when nobody else is home. Tomorrow I am off. This is my last day of vacation for 2012.  I work for a company where you use your vacation, or loose your vacation.  My DW is working tomorrow. Tomorrow afternoon I am getting my hair cut  (and colored) for the holidays.  Friday night our company is having their annual Christmas Party. I am on a strict three drink diet so I can drive home afterwards. This is an employee only, no spouses or such, allowed.

Last night was the 121212 concert to benefit Sandy survivors. You probably are among the estimated 2 billion people that saw some of the concert. I saw most of the show, going to bed at 11:00 eastern. I’m sure somebody out there is saying, “You went to bed without seeing Paul Macartney?” Yes I did.  I have a few personal observations from the show.

  • Bruce and the band were excellent
  • Rodger Waters is an odd duck. Duh!
  • John Bon Jovi was excellent
  • The Rolling Stones – good, Mick is skinny as ever. Keith Richards looked lost
  • Alicia Keys was good. I don’t know her music. Whatever her first song was, it ment something to her. She pounded the heck out of those piano keys!
  • The Who, Rodger, keep the shirt buttoned, please! And skip the tea..
  • Eric Clapton, I’m a passing fan. I was impressed how he pushed that trio with his guitar. The young man on the drums was sweating up a storm and seemed happy to have kept up when they were done

Quite the enjoyable night for sure!

Here are a few pictures from the last few days. Enjoy!


Easy money..

The mail came over the weekend while we were away in Scranton.  The mail consisted of  the usual collection of bills and advertisements. It’s probably a good thing that Christmas time and the election season are not at the same time. Can you imagine how much crap you would get in your mailbox if the politicians were competing with Christmas for our attention?

Mixed in with the Christmas cards was my check from the county for working the election! That helps pay for Saturday night’s extravagance with the boys and their friends. The other “windfall” was a card from the lady who lives behind us. You might remember her as the person (or someone in her house), that called the town on me to get me to clean up a tree that fell from another neighbors yard, into my yard, into her yard and taking out part of her fence. I rented a chainsaw and cleaned up the mess. My DW helped me put the fence back together. During this work in her yard, “grandma” chatted me up quite a bit.

In her card were two – twenty-dollar bills!  Found money, baby!  I still wish that they had handled their concerns differently. Whatever. I spent the 40 dollars on lacrosse tonight. DS1 came to lacrosse to play with us in probably the first time in over a year. I was on attack and he was on defense, different teams. There was part of the game where he was covering me. Maybe he choose to cover me when he needed a break!  I had fun. It is always fun to play lacrosse with my boys. I did not have any goals or assists tonight. I did have two shots, both went wide.

The Scranton boys are prepping for finals this week. One will be home Friday night, the other on Saturday.   Friday night at dinner, DS2, DS3 and I decided not to share our moustaches until Christmas.  My DW asked me at dinner tonight about the scruff under my nose. DS2 has a decided head start since he has not shaved his moustache in over a year. DS3, dude, are you still in?  I asked DS1 tonight during a lull in the action if he was interested. He said no, he can’t grow a moustache.

Pictures tonight, I took none of them.  All of these came from DS2’s Face Book page.  Share and share alike!  Enjoy!


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