Better than planned…

Welcome to the big time.  Now if you Google search or type you will come right to this blog!  I’m excited. Ok, I’m over it.

Today I went down to the park in Wall to eat my lunch and play some wall ball. Now, as a constant (occasional) reader of this blog I have talked about and described what wall ball is.  It is a eye-hand coordination drill where you throw the lacrosse ball against a wall and catch it (hopefully) It was cold today. Another day in the mid forties and windy. I decided to try to shoot some video of me doing this wall ball thing.

I was of course alone, so I set the phone on the ground pointing towards the wall and turned on the video camera function. As you will see in this video, it turned out better (funnier) than I could have planned.


Pretty funny? I was surprised by the outcome.  I hope you enjoyed!