Thanksgiving Adopt a Family..

Saturday started early. I was up at 4 am and out of the house by 4:40 am. My destination was Scranton, PA. Yesterday was the Annual Thanksgiving Adopt-A-Family at Marywood University.  DS2 and I have been involved for the last three years. I stopped on my way into the city to take some sunrise over Scranton pictures at 7:20 am. It was 25 degrees out, and actually sunny. While I was taking pictures a car stopped and asked me for directions. I told them I lived in NJ, but would help if I could. They were trying to go back the way I had just come, so I could provide directions.

I stopped at Krispy Kreme and then drove to the university. DS2, 25 or 30 of his classmates and a few parents helped carry the ingredients for the thanksgiving bags in from the delivery vehicles. We assembled Bag One and Bag Two. Each family got one of each and a frozen turkey. After the bags were assembled, DS2 and I went to the Bucktown Diner for breakfast.

After breakfast we went back to school and collected the information about our six families, six of each bag and six turkeys and headed down I 81 to deliver. The nice thing about this year’s deliveries were that all the families lived in the same row of buildings. We just walked from door to door delivering. Eight residences, six deliveries.  As we did our deliveries we saw four other teams from Marywood delivering on other streets in the same area.

Our second delivery run was more interesting in that the two residences were nowhere near each other. No problem, I have a GPS in my car, right? I do. The first house was exactly where the GPS led us. The second house, not exactly. It appears that the road the GPS wanted us to drive on was a driveway in an industrial park. The road on the map went through, the reality is that the industrial park and the trailer park (where the house was), are not connected. Maybe that is why when you boot up the GPS there is a disclaimer that you have to click OK to.

After our delivers DS2 and I went downtown to Coney Island Hot Lunch for hot dogs and conversation. DS3 met us there since his school is a short five-minute walk uphill. They went for food, I went for conversation. We enjoyed our visit. DS1 got his hot dogs care package that he will enjoy for lunch this week.  I took the boys shopping at Giant for HBA stuff and said good-bye to DS2 at his dorm. Then DS3 and I went over to the turf field on the Marywood campus and shot around on the lacrosse net for about an hour and a half. I took him back his school (across town), grabbed a cup of coffee and drove home.

The ride home featured listening to the LSU vs. Ol Miss game on Sirius. What pitched battle! In the end LSU won!  Geaux Tigers!

I really enjoyed the day I spent with my “Scranton boys”.  Here are a few pictures from the day. Enjoy!


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