I want what that table is having..

“Words that you might say to your waiter” for $100.00, Alex.  Friday night my DW and I were eating dinner at our favorite restaurant and I said those words. My DW looked at me with a quizzical look on her face. “Umm, what do you mean?”, she asked me. I said, “Your eyes were closed and you were moaning while eating that Stone Crab Claw”. She blushed and smiled, “But it was just that good!”

Dinner Friday night was in out kitchen.  The fresh seafood from the Florida Keys was purchased from Keys Fisheries Fish Market and Marina. Just my kind of place, fresh fish and boats. How can you go wrong? They can be found at http://www.keysfisheries.com/ . This was our second order of stone crabs from them this season. Yes, it is expensive, but we had a little “fun money” to play with, so we splurged. We ordered Jumbo Stone Crabs, Yellow Tail Snapper Fillets, Smoked Fish Dip, Crab and Spinach Dip and Stone Crab Soup.

The stone crabs were in the top three stone crab meals that I have ever eaten. We have purchased them up and down both coasts of Florida over the years. Working in the Philadelphia Fish Market for 13 years also afford many opportunities to sample stone crabs.  The red snapper fillet was excellent. Again, as a fish person from a previous life, outstanding! We finished the snapper fillets last night. I cooked them real simple, butter and seasoning in a frying pan. No sauces, no breading. Just the fish. YUM!  The dips were good. The soup, that is waiting for an opportunity to enjoy. I have had a very busy weekend so far.  Fish from the keys? Shop on-line with Keys Fisheries.  We hope to visit them in January when We are down for the lacrosse tournament.

Here are few pictures from the Keys Fisheries website. Enjoy!


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