Kicked out of church, again..

I got kicked out of church again today at lunch time. Some people, me included, consider the “Great Outdoors” to the Church of the Open Sky. Ok, maybe it is only me that has that belief. No matter, I went down to the beach on Belmar to shoot some pictures and see what happened during and after the storm. While I was walking around, minding my own business, a local, summer cop, rousted me and told me that I could not walk on the street.  In his defense, he is probably tired of chasing disaster tourists.  In my defense, the sign on the  jersey barrier said that the road was closed, like to cars.  There was no mention about people. And, any of the work being done was far down the street from where I was standing.  He gets the Yertle the Turtle Award for the day. King of all the he can see. Google it..

Pictures – before and after. I’m sure you will be able to figure out which is which.  Here is a link to all 28 pictures that I shot today.



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