Moving towards normal..

If ever there was a normal. Maybe that should have been the title.  We are fortunate to have had very little damage (some tree branches) and the inconvenience of the power being out for two days.  Here are  a few signs that things in my neck of the words are on there way back:

  • I was in the bagel store this morning waiting my turn behind two young men (mid to late 20’s). Big burley men with beards and pickup trucks. Manly men. They were discussing the pro vs. cons of color, cut and clarity. I guess one or both are getting engaged this year.If you don’t understand the reference, just wait until you shop for an engagement ring.
  • Last night was Monday night lacrosse. The building we play in is still suffering from poor lighting this week. The main set of lights in the middle is still out. I took the initiative to check if the breakers were tripped during the storm and just needed to be reset. I reset them and took out the power for the entire building.  Ooopss.. I reset the main and the power came back on. Note to self: Don’t do that again. I did have a few shots and one assist. An assist on a goal, not an electrician’s assist.
  • The gasoline rationing north of Exit 91 on the GSP is over. That’s good. It never really affected us down in Ocean County.
  • The snow plow piles in the parking lot at work are almost gone. It snowed last week Wednesday into Thursday.
  • The NJ National Guard that I wrote about has broken camp and gone elsewhere. The parking lot is empty. Somebody needs to stop by and collect the porta potties next to the building.
  • LBI has been reopened. Now the real work begins.
  • Tuesday night Adult School Yoga resumed tonight. Ahhh.

I hope to get down to the beach at lunch time tomorrow. The plan is to take some pictures from my usual lunch time spot. They should make for some interesting before and after comparisons.

Here are a few pictures from the high school football game on Saturday afternoon. Enjoy!


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