Lists and/or notes..

So, we got through the Sandy experience, parts 1 – 3. Except of the current expenses and the future expenses (un-covered, out of system hospital stay), we did ok. I had several chances and the money to purchase a generator before the storm. I did not. I still have not decided if this was a good or dumb move. I am seriously thinking about buying a snow blower. I think we are going to get rocked this winter. Just me, no particular inside track on the winter weather.  My question is where to keep it and how many of my neighbors should I feel obligated to dig out if I buy the machine.  I am certainly no saint and I try to stay away from the martyr complex.  I would have one less decision to make without the snow blower. I would just shovel like every other year.

Thursday I worked from home. The company president called in the morning and left a vague message on my cell phone. I was in the shower when he called. Three of us made it onto the IM page. We split up whatever calls made it into the company email. Somehow, I found myself coordinating who would do what call and such. I’m not even in support!  We got through the day ok. My DW worked all day after being on-site and on call all Wednesday to Thursday overnight. She was pretty burned out from being at work. The paycheck, that should be pretty good. DS1 went back to work today as well.

Friday, I worked from home again. Same crew as yesterday. My DW worked a half day. Thursday they worked like dogs and had OT cases after the day shift. Friday, a few cases and go home. Crazy. Who is in charge here?  Nobody, perhaps.  My DW went to Brick to visit her mom who still does not have power. They are on the next Wednesday, maybe, list.  They are fine. They have several places they could go if the cold and lack of power becomes too much. So far they are keeping the stiff upper lip. DS1 worked a full day as well. He works, if you remember, for a tree farm and nursery. They should be busy for a long time replacing trees and shrubs that were destroyed by the storm.

Saturday, we tried to get back to something that approaches normalcy. The news is full of stories about no gas for cars and generators. We are fortunate that the power is back completely in our area and the gas stations are all open, no lines and selling gasoline. Do you need gas? Head south.  In a few days this whole fuel gridlock will be nothing but a bad memory.  We went grocery shopping at the local Shop Rite today. The parking lot was jammed. The store was fairly stocked. The freezer section was empty. I said to my DW while we were walking in the freezer section “This looks like a St. Thomas grocery store”. The cases were empty. Here and there were groups of items that were stock. But an entire isle, both sides of freezer cases, was essentially empty.  The dairy section was pretty empty as well. I would guess in another week or two the store will be back to normal.

Lists or notes? Do you? Do you what? Write them or use them.  I’m making a list of all the things that I learned during this storm. Notes, this blog qualifies as a note.  The list I will probably share next week. I’m pretty sure that tomorrow there will be no blog. We are heading to Scranton at 7 am and will be returning home around midnight. I guess DS1 will have the run of the house to himself, once again.

Here are a few pictures from August when I got my new camera. Enjoy!