Sandy, Post 1..

I’m thinking that this Sandy topic will take two, maybe three nights to tell the tale.  You probably have seen the pictures on tv or the internet showing the devastation of the Jersey Shore. We are fortunate that we live 7 miles from the ocean. The waves did not make it that far.  My previous post was entitled Hype or Hide. I guess in retrospect, hide was what happened. So to start this tale we go back to Sunday, around noontime (cue the time traveling music)

It’s noon time Sunday, the wind has been picking up all morning. No rain yet. All of our pre-hurricane preparations are complete. My cell phone rings, a number that I don’t know shows on the call id. I answer the phone, it is DS2’s girlfriend on the phone. Hmmm.  I ask how she is, she is fine, but my son is going by ambulance to the local emergency room.  Ummm. Ok. I said wait a minute, and I handed the phone to my DW, who is a nurse. She listens and asks a few questions and then hangs up. They found DS2 sitting in the lobby of his dorm, no shoes, id or cell phone. He was just sitting there in a stupor. He had no idea where he was or how he got there. The head of the dorm came down and spoke with him and decided to send him to the hospital.

Ok, college kid, Sunday morning, looking like he was under the influence, I get it. Wrong child for that diagnoses (so far).  We (my DW and I) packed a bag, changed our clothes, left DS1 with some hurried hurricane instructions and rolled out-of-town heading north. The ride to Scranton is 190 miles, one way. Sunday was the final pre-hurrincane evacuation day. All the people getting out-of-town were headed north, just like us. We made a few calls while we were driving up and got one of my cousins to go over to the hospital and check on him. We also set DS3 over to the hospital.

When we got to the hospital we found out from DS3 that his brother was fine and he was going back to school to work on some homework. My cousin and DS2’s girlfriend and another friend were in the emergency room talking to DS2. He seemed fine when we got there. Then again is was three hours after the initial phone call. We asked some questions of DS2 to understand what was going on.

He woke up and went back to bed several times Sunday morning. The last time he woke up around 10 am he sat at his computer to play some games. The next thing he remembers is sitting in the lobby with the head of the dorm talking to him. He had “lost” those two hours.  He was disoriented and agitated. He started to “come out of the fog” as they were putting him in the ambulance to take him to the hospital.  How odd.

We met with the emergency room doctor and a neurologist. They decided to keep him for the night and do some tests on Monday morning. He seemed fine to me. He was talking and acting like his normal self.  After we got him settled in his room we went out for dinner with DS3.  We watched the end of the Giants game, ate and went to our hotel. I think the two of us were asleep by 9:30 pm. What a crazy day.

Here is a few pictures from the hospital. Tomorrow’s blog will take us through Monday. Enjoy!





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