Hype or Hide?…

The tale of two storms. One forecast said to run and hide. The other, well, could be all hype. I asked my brother the weatherman this morning this exact question. His reply, “You are ground zero for 8 – 10 inches of rain and wind gusts to 60 mph. Hopefully your waterproofing works” A direct quote, no, but really close.  Storms like this must be like Christmas for people that work in the weather profession. Day in and day out, we chuckle at their employment when they forecast sunshine on a cloudy day (there is a song in there).  But, big storm, they are king!  It’s nice to be king.

I owe my readers a recap since I took a few days off.  Quickly the last few days went like this:

  • Thursday, worked, no lacrosse, steak dinner (yum). Saw hurricane tracks on-line. All but one were heading out into the ocean after the storm passed Cape Hatteras. The radio was already talking up the storm
  • Friday, found me in Jackson, NJ taking pictures of the Southern vs. Jackson football game. I will add a few at the bottom. No, I don’t have a child playing for either school. I volunteer time taking pictures for various teams at the local high school.
  • The computer models on Friday showed the storm heading west after passing Cape Hatteras (all except one) How could they all be so different from one day to the next?

Today is Saturday, October 27, 2012. The storm (named Sandy) is due to hit this general area on Monday. We spent most of the day putting things away outside and getting ready for the storm. Are we ready? Hmm, we could be more ready, but, we are ready enough. I hope to not regret those words. Check back on Wednesday and see if our storm readiness preparations were correct.

Sunday (tomorrow) was supposed to be an 80 th birthday celebration in Brick for my DW’s mom. The party has been postponed due to the impending storm. I was going to drive to Scranton and pick the boys up and take them to the party and then take them back after it was over. Yes, they are adults. Yes, they have cars. I, would worry less if I did most of the driving. I’m not a control freak (much), I just am a better long distance driver. Hah! Argue that, I say.

So, without any further nonsense from me, are a few pictures from last nights game. Enjoy!


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