Wednesday tradition..

Some Wednesday’s at least. Any good tradition requires a bit of an effort, sometimes.  I seem to have fallen into a tradition of a mid-week photo shoot in the area near my job.  Some weeks I walk and take pictures, other days, I have a moment of brilliance that disappears and I just go shoot the pictures anyway.  The local natural gas company dug up the shoulder of Route 34 near my job this summer to replace a gas main. They decided that this week they would mill the shoulder down an inch or so and re-pave. Nice plan, they could have started after rush hour on Monday. That would have shown some forethought.

After sitting in traffic Monday and watching them re-pave the highway Tuesday, I got to thinking that there might be some pictures in this paving project. The ride to work this morning was courtesy of the Bruce Springsteen channel on Sirius. There were several “working on the highway” type songs to further reinforce the idea. However, the construction crew was either finished, or taking the day off.  That kind of killed that photo shoot before it even started.

Time for a new idea as I drove down the highway (headed nowhere, I might add)at lunch time. Then the tree colors got me thinking about signs of fall in the greater Wall area.  Fair enough, what would some of those signs be? A trip to Hink’s Turkey Farm (we saw this last year), a trip down to the beach, some front yard Halloween decorations and a few trees in the middle of changing colors.  As Captain Picard would say, “Make it so!” And I did. Below are a few of the 65 pictures that I shot today.

Here is a link to see all the pictures via Drop Box.




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