Yoga and a Klondike Bar..

Perfect together? They were tonight. Somewhere along the way over the last two or three days my DW and I did something (alone or together?) that has caused various back discomfort. I think her neck is sore. I asked “What did you do?” She said, “I turned my head getting out of the shower” Yep, does it every time. Me, I think the 120 plus shots on the goal Sunday afternoon may have been a few too many. Like most things, I go from almost or none to ballistic. Usually some part of my body complains. Oh well..

We did go to yoga tonight. It seemed to me that the focus was on the lower back. Stretching and breathing.  Maybe that was exactly what I needed. Ask me tomorrow how I feel.  My DW slept with the Tiger Balm on last night. She seems somewhat better today. That’s a good thing.  She skipped yoga last night due to the discomfort.

Monday night lacrosse was nothing special. I got to run around, take some shots, drop some passes. An average night for me. I did get an assist last night. No injuries during the game, a plus. 

Work.. For me, stopped and started. All busy then all not. No evenness to the work flow. My DW had two full days. Tomorrow night the hospital is having a women’s health fair. She is working the fair.  They have no cases scheduled for tomorrow and only two scheduled for Thursday. But Friday, you can almost guarantee that they will be working overtime. Crazy! 

Children.. DS1 went out last night to watch some Monday Night Football. He locked his keys in the car in front of the house. He was an hour plus late getting on the road this morning. As a side note, he needed that extra hour’s sleep. DS2 sent me a picture of the snow crab claws that were served at dinner Monday night. He said they were good. He also asked that we bring his snow boats up to Scranton. Apparently, he will need them at Thanksgiving when he spends Thanksgiving with his girlfriend and her family in upstate New York.  DS3, not much new news to report. He is working hard in his classes. He posted a picture of a girl on Face Book. I think she is the sister of one of last year’s girl friends. No mention about dating or anything like that. Just a picture.  Writer’s note: I was informed she is just a friend!

Tonight’s picture comes from our most recent trip to Scranton. Here are the Scranton boy’s waiting for their dinner.



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