Sunday night blogging..

Welcome to Sunday night. The Giants won, the Saints won and who would have thought based on the first quarter, LSU and Rutgers won.  Geaux Tigers!  There is my football update for Sunday, October 21, 2012.  

Today was the start of the fall shut down, clean up, that happens every year. In the spring, we take things out of the shed and decide if they are salvageable from the previous year.  Then in the fall, you just put things away figuring that you can always throw them away in the spring!  The most important part of the fall close up ritual is running the lawn mower out of gas. I never did this before last year. And, each spring the lawn mower would be in the shop since it would not start. Last fall I ran it out of gas. And guess what?  This past spring I put gas in the lawn mower  and it started right up! A miracle? Hardly.

Saturday, hmmm.  No meteors. Did you see any? We went out to the hot tub at 11 pm last night and soaked for 40 minutes with nary a shooting star. The NASA website said that we should go out before dawn Sunday morning. That obviously did not happen.  Maybe you were more motivated than we were. There is always next year, right? 

I worked Saturday for one of my local customers. He messed up his accounting software interface and needed help. I worked for way to cheap yesterday. I solved his problem and took a 12 pack of beer for my hour’s effort.  I will do better next time. My DW and I did the usual Saturday chores and shopping. Lunch was at Mud City Crab House. They always do a good job there.

Sunday we went grocery shopping and watched some NFL Red Zone. Today was especially difficult to follow along. Some weeks all the games are not close, so you get to watch a lot of several games. Today it seemed like all the early games were close. There were double, triple and quad boxes at the same time.  Football for the person that can watch four screens at the same time. Yikes!  I enjoyed it, it was just intense.

After the early games ended I went out and put gas in my van and drove to the hight school to work on my shooting. I purchased a “cage cover” which covers the front of the goal leaving several openings for you to shoot at. The openings would be where the probable goal scoring opportunities would be. I shot about 120 balls into the gaol. Some took more than one try!  Hopefully this will help my shooting skills.

Children, DS1 went to AC last night to see a band at the House of Blues. He sent a picture of AC at night. DS2 continued to enjoy his relationship status. He is playing in the Jazz Band tonight at the Jazz Band dance. He sent a picture. DS3 went to Philadelphia Friday to see the haunted prison in NE Philadelphia. No pictures.. 

Here are the pictures that my children shared plus the cage cover. Enjoy!