Thinking up a new page or blog site..

Tonight’s blog will be focus on the Brick Municipal Reservoir in Brick, NJ. If you have ever driven north on the GSP between mile marker 90 and 98, then you have seen the reservoir on the right hand side. If you are like me, you have driven that route for the last ten or more years and watched the reservoir being dug and then filled. I often see people walking along the reservoir in the morning as I drive to work. I often wonder what the reservoir looks like from the walking path. You only get a few seconds of view from the highway.

At lunch time today I did a Google search and printed out directions to the reservoir. It turns out the parking lot is only 10 minutes from my office. Here is the website for the reservoir. The path is paved and  an easy 1.6 miles around the water.  There were maybe 25 people and dogs walking the path today with me. I decided to say hello to each and every person I met walking around the reservoir. You can imagine how that went over. Some people ignored me, some greeted me and some were genuinely friendly. I would say the “ignored me” group was about a third of the walkers. The most of the rest of the people said hello back. One lady walking a dog stopped so I could take a few pictures of her dog. You will see them below.  If you said hello to me today, thank you!

The path has a few “interesting” points to be discussed. About every half of a mile is a wooden stand with a water jug (5 gallon commercial type) with a paper cup dispenser attached. I guess that somebody fills the jugs everyday. Under the jugs are a few flowers that benefit from the water that drips out and falls towards the ground. There are two pavilions where you can walk out from the path and be surrounded on three sides by water. Fishing is allowed from the pavilions. There are a few gazebos, lots of benches and several garden areas with various types of flowers. On the east side are several different seating areas that would offer a view of the sunset.

I had a nice walk. I will do this again. Pictures.. some not as many as I had hoped for. I will share a few of them with you. I’m thinking of taking these photo blogs from my lunch time walks and re-working them into a website or a blog about lunch time walks in Monmouth County. Will see. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures!



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