Off center..

Right of center, left of center, center? Not tonight, that is for sure. Tuesday night is supposed to be my yoga night. A chance to get “centered” and then breathe my way through the week.  My job found me this evening at home. I am at fault for leaving my work cell phone turned on. I was expecting one call, but got bush whacked by a second call.  The second call stole an hour from my life this evening. Now I need to plan my revenge. Absolutely way too dramatic.  What can I say.

Yesterday DS3 and I played lacrosse with the older crowd at the Robbinsville Field House. He looked like he was having fun last night. He took most of the face-offs for the other team. And won those that he took.  He had a few shots, quite a few good passes and at least one goal. He played for the other team so I cheered, just not as loudly as when we play on the same team. Me, I played. Not my best, not my worst. I seem to attract the better defensive player some nights. I don’t see my self as the top offensive threat. Maybe they do..

Monday work for me was slow. My scheduled work got cancelled on Friday afternoon, too late to find a replacement. I kept busy. Today was a very long day with one customer. Part of today’s work involved upgrading a third-party software that is known to not upgrade well. Today was one of those days. In the end, I got it done. That was the call I was expecting after hours. And I got it.  As a matter fact she called five times in ten minutes. 

DS3 went back to school today. No problems during his commute. He did get lucky in a way Sunday afternoon. He and I went to COSTCO to get windshield wipers for his car and a case of Gatorade for his dorm. When we got home we were swapping out the old for the new blades when I noticed a trail of fluids on the road when he had just been driving. We took the car down to the mechanic that evening. The next day they put the car in the lift and found that the oil filter was leaking. DS3 had the oil changed on Thursday up in Scranton before driving home on Friday. My mechanic said that the filter was tightened with a pair of pliers and they punctured the filter. The car was 3 quarts low when they looked at it on Monday. We got really lucky that I saw that trail of fluids. He never would have made it to Scranton with that oil leak.

My DW worked a full day on Monday. Today and tomorrow there are very few cases so she is flexed for part or most of both days. This happens each October when the same doctors all go on vacation.  She went to yoga last night and tonight.   DS1 worked two full days. Tonight he has the company pick up truck. He made a late day delivery in the area so he got to take the truck home.  That saves him over two hours of driving tonight.

Here are a few pictures from October 2000. Our family went to St Thomas for a week. Enjoy!




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  1. Paul Davitt
    Oct 17, 2012 @ 23:06:01

    Some oil change place needs a kick in the butt.


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