More pictures, less words..

The crowd chants “More pictures, less words!”  Hmmm, that crowd is in  my mind.  There must be a way to quiet them. Think! Think.. Ok, so you will get more pictures.  Today is Sunday, October 14, 2012. I went down to the high school this morning with DS1 and DS3 to throw the lacrosse ball around. When we got to the school, there were motorcycles everywhere. It seems that there was a toy run scheduled for last weekend and the weather was poor. They rescheduled the run for today.  The weather today was exceptional for the middle of October.

Dinner tonight was a boneless rib roast. DS3 ‘s favorite meal. The roast was done and I cut the end for my DW, she likes hers a little more well done. Then DS1 was next, I said “How much?” He chose a larger piece than I thought he would have. I guess he was hungry. DS3 was next. Same question was asked. Hmm, can I have the rest? No, I did not get my piece yet!. I put the knife on the roast, here? More, Here? More, Here? Ok. The slice was about three inches think. Easily 30 plus ounces!. He finished his dinner and the baked potato that went with it.  It was nice to see the smile on his face when he was done.

Pictures, from this morning. Some of the boys throwing around, some of the motorcycles.  Enjoy!


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