It is Homecoming Weekend here in Manahawkin, NJ.  My DW and I went to the high school football game this afternoon. I took pictures of the ROTC, the band and the football team. And some family stuff of her and DS3. DS3 attended in his BDU’s from his college ROTC.  The home team lost. We had lots of chances that went unfulfilled.   I enjoyed the camaraderie on the side lines with the other parents that either shoot still or video of the game for the team. I’ll post a few pictures from today at the bottom. Pictures, I shot 928 pictures at the game today! Yikes!

Friday was a slow work day for me. I was actually busier than on Thursday. My DW came home at lunch time so I shared my fried shrimp lunch with her. I actually made more than I could eat expecting to have leftovers for whomever wanted. DS1 worked a full day Friday. DS3 came home Friday evening from school. He is off until Wednesday. Last night my DW, DS1 and I did the hot tub hop. It was nice to enjoy the hot bubbly water, a fire and catch up with the youngest child.

Tonight after the football game, we went to the local Olive Garden to eat. I did not feel like cooking and thought that the Olive Garden would be an easy meal that everyone would enjoy. Well, I enjoyed my meal. My DW has been (and continues to) try to be gluten-free. This was quite the hassle that it was not, the last time we ate there. DS3 enjoyed his dinner. DS1 yawned and moped through the entire meal. Maybe he should have stayed home. Nothing would have been the right thing or place for him. After dinner we got home and DS3 left for a friend’s house. DS1, captain sleepy, went out to a friend’s house. Hmmm.

Here are few pictures from today’s game.  Enjoy!



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