Let me show you my tattoo..

To steal a few lines from Montgomery Gentry “And you know the way I see it, son you ain’t seen what I’ve seen
Cause tattoos and scars are different things ”  Maybe tonight’s tattoo could fall under both categories. Before you spit up your breakfast, I did not get an actual tattoo tonight. What I did was stand between a careless person shooting at the goal and the goal. I took one right off his stick into my stomach. I have quite the tattoo on my stomach tonight. He apologized about six times over the course of the evening.  Maybe he should have given the shot just a second more’s thought before releasing the ball. I’m just saying.

I played lacrosse tonight with the Thursday night old men’s lacrosse group. We had a good time for the most part. I did have a goal. My brother, the weather man played with us and he fed me the ball that I scored the goal with. Keeping the points in the family, as it were. He also had at least one goal tonight. 

Work for me, in a word, boring. My DW worked a full day as did DS1. DS2 finished up his mid-terms this week. DS3, not sure. I saw some pictures of his dressed up at school. Maybe some choir thing. I will ask him this weekend when I see him.

Tonight’s pictures are a few more left over from yesterday’s walk in the park. Enjoy!