Nice to see you all…

It was nice to see all you faithful (or casual) readers while driving home from work today. What? None of you were out there on the GSP today? Wow!  I can’t believe that. The parkway was jammed up like it was the 4 th of July weekend.  Hmm. A rainy, damp, chilly Tuesday night. Where in the heck was everybody going?  It seemed like the volume on the highway going home tonight was twice or three times normal.  Of course, the rain did not help either.  One other thought, are there other lanes than the left lane on the GSP? Could have fooled me.

Tuesday night was yoga night for my DW and I. After that crazy drive home, going to yoga was a better option than a cocktail or three.  We were back in our usual space for the first time this fall.  Work was intense for the first six hours and then pretty quiet until the last five minutes when two of those customers that can’t be ignored had problems that needed to be resolved, tonight.  Done and done.

Tonight’s two pictures are animated. If you click on the picture it will display in another window (hopefully) and the picture should move.  Enjoy!






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