You wore what today?..

Guilty as charged. I wore a jacket to work today. Don’t be silly, not a suit jacket.  If I showed up in a suit jacket the scuttle butt would be about me going on a job interview. No, I wore my Legends Lacrosse jacket. It was 41 degrees when I left the house this morning. Thankfully when my van get to speeds in excess of 30 mph I get heat in the car. The fan still does not blow (except when it wants to).  248,175 miles. I’m driving it to the bitter end. Ha!

Short post tonight. Me, I worked (kind of) in the office today. I played lacrosse this evening. I had the first goal of the night. A pure garbage goal. What is a garbage goal? When you score without really trying. If this was a real game, it certainly would have counted. I caught a few passes, dropped a few and missed the goal twice. I had fun. My right hand was numb for a few minutes after getting checked by a defensive player. The stinger went away and I was able to continue playing.

My DW made chili for dinner. She had a tough day at work. It seemed to her that everybody was high maintenance today. Hopefully tomorrow goes better. She went to yoga tonight while I was playing lacrosse. She said that class tonight was disjointed, lacking in flow.  DS1 worked and is staying the night at a friend’s house in Philadelphia.  I imagine that they went out somewhere to watch Monday Night Football.  DS2 is staying on campus this weekend coming up.  Both Scranton students have Fall Break this weekend. DS3 says he is coming home Friday night.

Tonight’s pictures come from Saturday’s sailing adventure. These are a some people canoeing and kayaking on Barnegat Bay. Enjoy!