Lobster night..

Sunday night dinner was lobster thanks to the local supermarket having them on sale.  As I mentioned the other day, today was our (my DW and I) 28 th wedding anniversary. Wow, that is all I can say.  Sometimes it seems like we were just married yesterday day. And sometimes.. Well, you can figure that out for yourselves.  We both got lots of well wishes on Face Book from our family and friends. We want to thank everyone once again for their well wishes.  So, what do you do to celebrate being married 28 years? Cook a lobster dinner, of course.

The fall weather has caught up with us today. Temperatures in the 50’s all day. Grey skies, some rain. A good day to go out and come back home. Yesterday was a lot warmer and sunny.  Other than dinner we went grocery shopping, watched the NFL Red Zone and just enjoyed a day off. DS1 came home from his overnight on LBI in time to help us with the groceries. We enjoyed having a little extra help. 

College children, hmmm. I traded a few texts with DS2 this morning and this evening.  His friend’s family went to Syracuse yesterday for family weekend. They brought him a shirt and a pin.  His Obama 2012 bumper sticker came in the mail yesterday. I will be sending that back out to school in the mail tomorrow. DS3, AWOL today. No calls, no texts, no Face Book posts. 

Tonight’s picture are of tonight’s dinner and two more from our sailing adventure. Notice the tilt of the boat in these pictures.  Enjoy!


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