Post 460, a departure from the norm..

As a consistent reader of this blog, or a first time reader of this blog, two of the mostly off-limit subjects are religion and politics.  I don’t usually discuss my political views, but I occasionally discuss my religious views. Tonight I will share a few short words about politics and leave it at that.

The headline on MSN this morning  was that the unemployment rate had dropped last month. Now the rate equals the rate when the current president took office. Progress? Then the article went on to say that “they” also adjusted the employment numbers for July and August to show more people finding work. Hmm.. The fox guarding the hen-house, perhaps? Maybe the new numbers are actually correct. Maybe the pundits that gave the win in the first debate to the challenger should give this news some thought? This, in my opinion, is just election year politics. What are the real employment numbers? That would be anyones guess.

As I tweeted today, Magic, pure election year magic. Employment on the rise, feel happy and re-elect the president. They wouldn’t manipulate the number? No way. For the record, as I have stated in the past, I usually vote Republican. My DW usually votes Democratic. So, we cancel each other out on election day. It just seems pretty fishy that the employment numbers are suddenly getting better AND that the numbers reported in July and August were wrong.  I’m just saying. Enough politics for tonight.

Today was a WFH Friday.DS1 stopped by while making deliveries for a bite and the use of the bathroom. Tonight he got out of work at a decent time and joined us for dinner at a local restaurant. It is kinda nice to be able to share a meal and a cocktail with your children. They were real small once.  We (he and I) ordered a beer, my DW had an Angry Orchid cider. Then he ordered a Makers Mark (bourbon) on the rocks.  I figured, what the heck, and had one as well.  We ate and talk, nothing too deep. We found out that his boss is thinking about sending him with the truck and a helper, to Arizona in January to dig up and bring back some Yucca cactuses. The truck pictured below would be his chariot.  Yikes!

Tonight’s pictures are of DS1 visiting today for lunch. A farm boy and his truck. Enjoy!


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