What is the world coming to?..

Yesterday was Wednesday, October 4, 2012. There are 77 days left until the end of the Mayan Calender.  Wednesday,  we were supposed to go sailing on Barnegat Bay. Unfortunately, the fog that we woke up with did not burn off in time to make either a 10:30 am or a 2:30 pm sail. We will try again on Saturday morning.

Since I had taken the day off to go sailing, we both did our usual Sunday things. Like grocery shopping, paying bills, house cleaning. I even tried to fix our Roomba. The Roomba has a problem with the optical sensors that tells it when it hits a wall.  I bought the necessary parts and had the Roomba completely apart. I replaced the sensors and still the problem persists. Today, our Roomba was shipped off to be fixed. 

We had a nice dinner of mussels and clams in a white wine sauce.  We enjoyed some of the white wine that was left over from cooking, really.  DS1 came home from work all full of energy and went off to the gym.  After dinner we got caught up on some of the tv shows that we missed so far this season.

Thursday was back to work. Having Wednesday off was like having an extra weekend this week. Work for me was busy all day. I went out at lunch time and bought two headlight bulbs for my DW’s mini van. One of the bulbs burned out Tuesday night on the way to yoga. Tonight after I dinner, I rushed out to replace the bulbs since I was driving that van to Thursday night lacrosse. After I finished the headlight swap, I got an email from the Thursday night lacrosse organizers that the game was cancelled tonight due to weather up in Manalapan. Hmmm. Two cancellations in a row due to the weather. What is the world coming to?

Collage children, no contact since the weekend. I guess they had enough mom and dad time over the weekend. DS3 posted on Face Book about his Army PT test scores.  He said that he needs to run more. 

Tonight’s pictures are from Sunday’s trip home. The fall colors have already started in Scranton. Enjoy!



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