Yoga is quiet time?..

Tonight was Tuesday night, adult school yoga.  Not the most challenging yoga class on the planet. Which, is just what I am looking for. A chance to turn my mind off, concentrate on my breathing and stretch those muscles that are not interested.  We usually meet in the high school library where they move the tables out of the middle creating a space for our yoga mats.

Last week and again this week, we were yoga gypsies. Something happened in the library where we used to meet and the room is not available for us. Last week we used the other library in the high school. This week I got a call during my ride home that we were meeting in the career center. Even though we had three kids graduate from that school, I had to ask where the career center was. 

The teacher turned out the lights and we started out meditation and stretching to start the class. Then a flashlight came streaming into the room. The security guard must not have gotten the memo that we would be in this classroom. Ok, giggles aside, back to unwinding, turning the mind off. Outside the classroom the high school marching band was practicing. Just as the class was having a quiet moment, the drum line started really hitting the drums.  More giggling, then back to breathing.

I did get to that place where the only thing you hear in the music, the instructor’s voice and the labored breathing of you and your fellow classmates. She took it easy last week, this week she ramped the movements up a little bit more. I enjoyed the class.

Tomorrow, weather permitting we are going sailing on Barnegat Bay. We did this last year via a Groupon with a local sail boat charter company.  Our anniversary is in a few days, so the timing is right for a few hours on the water. The forecast is for fog in the early am and then light winds (except for thunderstorms) in the afternoon. We should be off the water before the thunderstorms start-up.

Here are two more pictures from the weekend in Scranton.  Thanks for reading and enjoy!


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