Not every dog bites..

That was the point that the priest made yesterday at the Parent’s Weekend Mass.  He had picked up a dog when he was about ten years old and the dog bit him on his ear. When he had stopped crying and the ear had a small band-aid on it (small dog, small bite), his father told him that “Not every dog bites” There you go.  I am just sharing the wisdom. Put something in the poor box on your way out…

I made the Monday night men’s lacrosse highlight reel this evening. I scored the final goal of the night. I had my back to the gaol and caught the ball on the crease. I shot left-handed, back-handed, no look and rocketed the ball past the goalie. I still can’t belive the ball went in.  I shot the ball towards the goal since the defenders were getting ready crush me since I had the ball in front of the goal. I turned my head after I shot to see the back of the net move and the goalie just shake his head. Everybody at my end of the field shook my hand. It was that cool of a goal. Next week, who knows. I certainly set a high bar for myself on Monday nights.

I also had a shot that the goalie stopped point-blank. Someone else shot the ball at the goalie and the ball rebounded off his stick right into my stick as I was moving towards the goal. I cradled the ball and shot the ball right back at the goalie. He stopped my shot as well. I thinks somebody picked up my rebound and shot, again being stopped. The goalie was pretty good tonight.

Today at lunch time I went and played wall ball. This is where you throw the ball against the wall and hopefully catch it. Here is a picture of the wall.  A boring but necessary part of becoming a better lacrosse layer. Enjoy!



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