Parents Weekend, Day 3..

On Day three I got to see both of the children’s dorm rooms. There was a time when we helped them move in and knew where their dorm was in August. Then there was the time when DS1 moved into a house and we did not see the house for almost 2 months. As they get older, they have been taking on more of the responsibility for moving in and setting up there dorm/apartments. That is what we want, right?

Sunday started out with mass at Marywood University. For the last two years they had the same priest, Father Brian. We really enjoyed his sermons and how he interacted with the students. This year, for some reason, Father Brian has been moved to another church and we have a new priest. Today being the Sunday of Parents Weekend, the church was packed and everybody was on their best behavior.  For me, the jury is still out on the new priest. We will be back at school several times this fall before December. We will get to see him in action without the spotlight of parents weekend.

After church, DS3 drove over from his school and met us at the Bucktown Diner for breakfast. After breakfast, DS3 drove his mother back the University of Scranton so she could see his dorm room. I took DS2 back to his dorm so I could see his room. Then I drove down to the U to see DS3’s room and pick up my DW. Lots of diving around the city of Scranton. After “inspecting” the dorm rooms we got coffee at Northern Lights and headed back to New Jersey.  The drive home was uneventful.

The house was in order when we got home. That was a nice thing. Dinner tonight was veal parmigiana. There are, of course, leftovers for lunches this week. I still can’t cook for two or three on Sunday nights.

The masthead picture has changed. You did notice? This is a picture of the City of Scranton from the tourist overlook on Rt 307 as you leave (or enter) town. I had never taken my DW there before. Me, saw it, did it, got the tee-shirt.  A few more pictures at the bottom from the weekend. I will add captions as necessary.

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