Weird beer Sunday..

Two different beers (actually ales) crossed our table this evening.  Both come from the Buffalo Bill’s Brewery in California. They have a website under construction and a minimal Face Book page.  This does not add or detract from their beer. The  Orange Blossom Cream Ale is advertised to have honey and orange bloom extract in it. The ale is good, the orange is on the back-end of the swallow.  Not too overpowering. I would buy this one again for variety. The second ale is the Alimony Ale. Again, a good, drinkable offering. I would prefer a little more of the hops, but it might find its way to our table some day in future. Neither are a “kick it to the curb” beer.

My DW went to a baby shower today. I was allowed to stay home and hammer in the basement. I am close to the cementing part of the waterproofing process. Then I get to paint and pray. Yes, in that order. Every Monday my left hand has a bruise from where the hammer missed the end of the chisel. I’m going to miss those bruises some day.  DS1 went to the pool and then had a private lesson with a high school lacrosse player down at the high school for an hour or so. He has the correct coaching instincts.

Ds2 returned home from Copenhagen, NY. Home means his college dorm. He was in upstate NY for a wedding this weekend. He danced and had a real good time. I’m glad the family made him feel welcome this weekend. DS3 went to a Jazz dance today (or yesterday) and danced and had a good time. This evening he is working on a speech for his public speaking class.

Sunday dinner was shrimp scampi with rice.  We had fresh mozzarella and prosciutto as well. 

Tonight’s picture show not need captions. They are either beer six packs or from the wedding. Enjoy



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