First Day of Fall 2012..

It sure is humid this evening. I thought that nonsense was a summer phenomenon. I guess not. Today I went bike riding with my brother the weatherman. He did a mini-triathlon early in the morning and then met me for a 20 mile bike ride. I had hoped that the morning exercise would have worn him out. That clearly was not the case today.  We had a great time. The weather was nice (but breezy).  We had a seafood lunch at the Point Pleasant Co-Op’s fish market.

My DW had a quiet day without me. She did some housework and read her book. She said the house was “nice and quiet”  DS1 worked today. This evening he is out with friends. DS2 is in upstate New York for the wedding. He sent lots of pictures that I will post tomorrow night. DS3, not really sure. 

Tonight’s pictures are of my brother and I at the Manasquan Inlet. This was the halfway point of the ride. Enjoy!