Fun in black and white..

Today’s excitement occurred during my lunch break. I went over to Allaire State Park to take some pictures. They have  a restored village that can been seen clicking on the preceding link. The also have the Pine Creek Railway which calls itself the New Jersey Museum of Transportation.  The park is just five minutes from where I work. They have extensive walking and biking trails. I have walked and ridden my bike here many times.  Pictures from those adventures have been seen in past blog updates.

The reason for playing photographer today was last week DS2 sent me the opening seven minutes of the musical score that he is writing for a noir film being filmed and directed by a Marywood University student.  I don’t have any more information about the film, it’s subject matter or shooting locations.  DS2 was asked to write some original music to fit the film’s style. He may have an idea at this point, but back in August when he started the project, he was given very loose direction about what was desired.

I liked what he sent. I really did. I spent the last week looking for places or people that I could photograph to put to his music. My first thought was that the pictures should be in black and white. That is an easy change in the camera settings.  In post production after shooting the pictures, I realised that I need to think in black and white while shooting. What I mean is that some of the pictures were shot to show colors or a contrast of colors. But in black and white, the effect was lost. They were still good pictures, just not what I saw when I took them. There is also a hidden theme. Maybe you will pick it out while watching. I did not set out with a hidden theme in mind, but the pictures just did the work.

The video is up on You Tube. I’m sure they won’t hound me for using copyrighted music this time.  Click here to view the video. I wished I had shot the pictures on a cloudy day or closer to sunset. But you work with what you have. I hope he is happy with the finished product.

Here are three stills from the video.  See the captions. Enjoy!



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