I’ll take the one step forward..

We all know what happens after you take that one step forward. But hopefully that will be another day’s problem. Tonight was Monday night lacrosse once again. While I was warming up before the game, I was having trouble catching the ball. Usually I can catch the ball warming up pretty well, then when the games starts, I forget how to catch.  Tonight was just the opposite. Poor warmup and well, a really good day, for me.

I scored the first goal of the night. I probably had 10 to 12 balls thrown to me and I caught all but two. That is impressive in my world. Usually I catch two and miss the other ten.  I hit the goalie twice and missed the goal a bunch of times.  I felt like I was part of the offense tonight. Well, some nights I think they just tolerate me being on the field. Tonight I feel like I contributed to the game in a positive way. But, don’t get too excited, Thursday night lacrosse will come soon enough.

Work for me, in a word, disjointed. Tomorrow will be more of the same. The light patient load continues in my DW’s department. She was in at 7 am and out by noon time.  She went to yoga after dinner. DS1 has the company pickup truck tonight. He was making deliveries locally and was allowed to return the truck in the morning instead of having to drive all the back this evening.  He went to a friend’s house to watch some football after dinner.

Tonight’s picture comes from November 2002. The boys are goofing off at the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse. DS3 is on the bottom, DS1 in the middle and DS2 is on top. This picture was taken days before I started my current job. Enjoy!



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