Giants win, Cincy wins, what happened to the Saints?,,

Sunday football, week two. The Giants looked like they were going to start the season 0-2 until they woke up in the third and fourth quarters. Cincinnati bounced back from a thrashing by the Ravens on Monday night to win. And the Saints? Who Dat? I think they can’t get their coach back quick enough. Other teams played today, these are the three that I follow.

We spent a good part of the day defrosting the upright freezer in the cellar today. We just can’t seem to get enough water in the basement so we make the best of any and all opportunities.  The freezer door was not closing properly for some reason and the inside was getting full of frost. Remember yesterday’s thing about ten years and throwing away? The freezer probably has not been defrosted in at least that long. When we got it defrosted and clean, the door was still not closing correctly. We put the frozen things back in and bungee corded the door shut. We got the freezer with the house in 1987. Maybe its time to get a new one.

Last night my DW and I did the hot tub hop. She lit lots of little candles on the deck and we enjoyed 40 minutes of warm bubbling water. We even saw a tremendous shooting star. The shooting star seemed to last four or five seconds. It lasted long enough for me to see it, say something, and for my DW to turn her head and see it. It was quite bright.

DS1 went out to a friend’s house last night after dinner. Tonight he is at another friends house for dinner and such. I imagine he will be home soon since he has to get up early for work in the am. Working six days a week does not allow him much down time.  You know the story about idle hands..

College children, DS2 had a Jazz Band dance at the university tonight. He was in the band, not doing the dancing. He said that he enjoyed it. DS3 posted a picture on Face Book of him dressed in his ROTC “outdoors” gear. Complete with his pack and helmet. I’m sure there is a story behind the picture, we just have not yet heard it.

Tonight’s picture is of DS3 in his Army stuff. Enjoy!


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