Funny how quick a good day at work can turn..

A good day at work? Is that an oxymoron?  Some days it may seem like 5 words that can’t possibly go together. Today was a good day at work until about 3 pm. One of the guys had his birthday last week and he was on vacation. This week, each time that “they” got a cake, he was out. It was getting comical. Finally, he was in the office today and they had the cake.  At each person’s birthday at work, we gather (whomever is there and not hiding on the phone) and we sing to this person. The singing is awful. The cake, usually ok. Today one of the women brought in a card which when opened is a cat(s) meowing happy birthday. Yikes! At least we got out of singing.

This whole scene started as I was trying to get my afternoon project started. I never got back to that project. After the cake, waiting for someone else to finish working on the customer (after they hung out and talked for 30 minutes after the cake), it was time to call it a day and go home.  While I waited patiently, a few more problems popped up that also got ignored for the day. Frustrating is the word for the day again.  But, I am better now…

At lunch time I went down to the Manasquan Inlet to shoot pictures of boats and such. In thirty minutes I shot 345 pictures. Maybe I should not use the multiple picture feature.  While I was killing time, I made a quick and easy slide show video with the pictures and some Pink Floyd music that I happened to have in my Drop Box. I uploaded the video to You Tube. They aren’t too keen about the use of the Pink Floyd, but the video stands published, for now. The link to see it is here. Ten minutes of Pink Floyd, boats and birds.  Maybe you might need a short “time out”. This might help.

My DW worked a full day. They were getting ready to leave early and a doctor found a patient that needed something. So they stayed another 2 hours. DS1 returned home tonight after work. Last night he slept at a friend’s house in Philadelphia. He looked pretty tired when he walked in the door. Maybe not too tired, he had a bite to eat and went out to the gym. My DW is at the same gym (different cars) for her Wednesday night yoga class.

Tonight’s picture is from my lunch time photo shoot. Enjoy!