Where did our sunshine go?..

The time here in New Jersey is 7:30 pm.  It is nearly dark. A month ago it would be 8:30 and be this dark. I guess the people in the Southern Hemisphere are welcoming back the sunshine that they missed during their winter.  I’m not happy sharing, by the way. We have had two days of fall weather this week. The overnight lows have been in the 50’s and day time high’s in the 70’s with low humidity. I could take this weather year round.  If I knew a weatherman I bet he could find somewhere in the world that matches this weather for most of the year.  I guess I just do a Google search and have my own information.

Last night was Monday night lacrosse. I had no goals but I feel like I did well and I had fun. I think that is a big part of the reason for playing. My calf that I injured in the beginning of August was hurting again today. It was odd, like this odd. Last night I felt fine. This morning in bed, I was fine. I got out of the shower, and my calf hurt, a lot. It hurt all day including walking out to my car and back at lunch time. This evening walking out of work, nothing. No pain, no funny limp, nothing.  Right now, no real discomfort. Like I said, odd.

Work this week will be busy. In addition to my usual work I am involved with a few new installs and hardware replacement orders. The hardware replacement orders can be a real challenge do to a lack of sales engineering. Ok, you say, What does that mean? What I mean is that the sales person takes the order from the customer and then, without asking any questions, hands the order off and goes about their business. Then it is up to someone? to figure out how to accomplish what the sales person sold. Just a few questions at the time of sale would make the process much smoother.

My DW had the day off today, not by her choice. She is on call and they had no cases today.  DS1 is sleeping over at a friend’s house in Philadelphia tonight.  DS2 had a music history test this morning that he feels good about. This is related to all the chanting that he has been listening to over the last few days. DS3, not really sure. We spoke on Sunday night and nothing since. He seems to even been quiet on Face Book. I guess classes are keeping him busy.

Tonight’s picture is of DS2 pouring some apple juice into his cup. This was back in August before he went back to school. Enjoy!


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