Another Saturday night..

Welcome to Saturday night here in New Jersey. I took last night off from writing to spend some quality time with my DW and DS1. He came home from work earlier than his usual time and went out to dinner with us.  We had a fun time playing trivia and listening to the musician de’ jour.  Weather wise, it was tropical here today. Super humid, breezy and mostly cloudy.  This evening some thunderstorms came through and the temperatures are supposed to drop into the low 60’s. This should allow us to turn the a/c off.

Yesterday was drop off day for the food that was collected at my DW’s hospital.  We put the groceries in my van and drove to the next town over and  gave them to the people that run the food pantry. I have never been in a food pantry before. I consider myself fortunate not having been there before. But, we should visit them again with donations, they provide a much need safety net for those in need in our area.

Today we went out to the various stores at the wrong time. I’m guessing it was the wrong time because it seemed that everybody was crazy. Short tempered, rude, just plain nuts. It was hard to belive that the summer was over and the post summer weekend population was worst than the in season summer time population. Maybe it was the humidity, I just don’t know.

We picked up some water proof paint and some patching material to fix the areas where we saw the water coming through the foundation earlier in the week. That process will be tomorrow’s project. We also looked at ceiling fans. We purchased our house in 1987 and put the fans in the first year. Some of them can get quite loud at times.  We could not decide on which ones to buy.  Since they will hopefully last as long as the ones in the house, we better make sure we like what we purchase.

Our Roomba is complaining these days. Something about a bumper sensor issue. I have the repair manual downloaded on to my laptop. Hopefully I will be able to just clean the sensor and not replace it.  There are even You Tube videos showing you how to test and repair your Roomba.  Another Sunday project.

See the captions for tonight’s pictures… Click on a picture for large-sized pictures and a slide show. Enjoy!