Late Thursday night..

I had better get started before it is Friday. I read somewhere (Face Book) that today was National Procrastination Day. If I celebrate any harder this will get written on Friday.  The drying continues in the basement. No new flooding in the last 24 hours is a good thing. DS1 posted a picture tonight of one of the farm sprinklers that they use where he works. This explains the reason for the flooding. Maybe if they aimed the jet a little better it might avoid our neighborhood.

Work, I moved ahead with several projects today. I left the building at lunch time since I needed to turn my lottery ticket in to cash. The money hit home when the lady handed my three one hundred-dollar bills, a fifty, a twenty and two singles. I said thank you and left. So far, they have not gotten any of my winnings back from me (the lottery people).  Tomorrow is a busy work from home day. I can’t wait.

My DW worked a full day today, that is nice. DS1 was home early (for him). He actually had dinner with us. He needs to be back at work at 6 am so he decided not to play lacrosse with me tonight. DS2, working on stuff. Some of his music history class requirements include chanting (music?). He was getting his “chant on”. DS3 is moving along.  He needs help with calculus. He said one of his roommates is a math major. I suggested that he ask for help. Other than that, he seems to have things under control.

Tonight’s picture is of the rain maker that DS1 controls. Enjoy!


better aim needed