Happy Labor Day USA..

Today is Labor Day here in the USA. If you are fortunate, you had a paid day off from work. Unfortunate, well those choices would be either working or a non-paid day off from work.  Today also officially ends the summer tourist season here at the New Jersey shore.  Most New Jersey children will go back to school tomorrow or Wednesday.  Their parents are back to work and the warm ocean and relatively empty beaches and streets belong to the locals again.  The chamber of commerce schedules things for most weekends in an attempt to lure the families back down the shore for a few more weekends.   Most weekends LBI will be busy unless the weather is forecast to be bad.

Today the traffic heading west (away from the beach) in the afternoon was epic. I was foolish enough to head to the grocery store (east). We food shopped for the week yesterday, but I wanted ribs for dinner tonight and I forgot to purchase them yesterday. It is 3 miles from our house to the Shop Rite on Route 72. The traffic on the west bound side was stopped from past our development (west) to as far as you could see looking towards the ocean (east).  Beep, beep and yes I forgot my manners at home.

Around the house? We made salsa today with the tomatoes that I picked from the garden yesterday. There is a picture at the bottom of me chopping up tomatoes for the salsa. We had Eggs Benedict for breakfast. There is also a picture of that (with the tomatoes in the background). DS1 came in at 8 am this morning. He was out for the night with some friends up in Belmar (another beach town near where I work). He stayed in bed until after 3 pm.  DS2 and DS3 worked on school work and goofed off with their friends. In a picture below (lifted from Face Book) DS3 and some friends are doing something Saturday night outdoors at the University of Scranton.

Tomorrow I am working from home since I have to attend a poll worker training course in preparation for the November elections. It seems that all the poll workers will be having the additional training. I can’t wait! Just kidding, of course.

Tonight’s pictures are as described above. Enjoy!


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