Welcome back, college football..

As a fan of college football, I’m happy to see the season has started today.  A die-hard fan? Not even close. But, there usually is a game or two on most weekend nights that I am interested in watching. Does anybody know why USC is ranked # 1? Let’s hope that does not last too long. I’m not a USC fan.  Geaux Tigers!

Today DS1 went to work. DS2 worked on a psychology paper. DS3 went to the Italian Festival in downtown Scranton today with his roommate. Us, my DW has been doing “Walk at Home” fitness tapes that are on You Tube. She walks two to four miles a day with these tapes. Me, I rode my bike 20 miles today.  Most of the ride was in the Barnegat Branch Trail. I shot some video with a Scott Kirby song in the background. The video turned out pretty good. It is posted below. My leg felt fine. I wore the neoprene sleeve on my calf just like when I play lacrosse.  Tonight we had steak, cajun shrimp and mini crab cakes for dinner. It is tough cooking for 2.5 (or sometime 3) people. We never know what or how much the oldest will eat. After 24 years we have stopped worrying .

I have pictures and video to share tonight.  The video is from my bike ride.  The pictures, the captions will explain.  Enjoy!