Parents Weekend, Day 3..

On Day three I got to see both of the children’s dorm rooms. There was a time when we helped them move in and knew where their dorm was in August. Then there was the time when DS1 moved into a house and we did not see the house for almost 2 months. As they get older, they have been taking on more of the responsibility for moving in and setting up there dorm/apartments. That is what we want, right?

Sunday started out with mass at Marywood University. For the last two years they had the same priest, Father Brian. We really enjoyed his sermons and how he interacted with the students. This year, for some reason, Father Brian has been moved to another church and we have a new priest. Today being the Sunday of Parents Weekend, the church was packed and everybody was on their best behavior.  For me, the jury is still out on the new priest. We will be back at school several times this fall before December. We will get to see him in action without the spotlight of parents weekend.

After church, DS3 drove over from his school and met us at the Bucktown Diner for breakfast. After breakfast, DS3 drove his mother back the University of Scranton so she could see his dorm room. I took DS2 back to his dorm so I could see his room. Then I drove down to the U to see DS3’s room and pick up my DW. Lots of diving around the city of Scranton. After “inspecting” the dorm rooms we got coffee at Northern Lights and headed back to New Jersey.  The drive home was uneventful.

The house was in order when we got home. That was a nice thing. Dinner tonight was veal parmigiana. There are, of course, leftovers for lunches this week. I still can’t cook for two or three on Sunday nights.

The masthead picture has changed. You did notice? This is a picture of the City of Scranton from the tourist overlook on Rt 307 as you leave (or enter) town. I had never taken my DW there before. Me, saw it, did it, got the tee-shirt.  A few more pictures at the bottom from the weekend. I will add captions as necessary.

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Parents weekend, Day 2..

Today started early for us. My DW, DS3 and I participated in the Scranton Royals 5 k run/walk. DS3 ran with some of his ROTC buddies. He ran the course in 24 minutes. We walked the course in 56 minutes. We wanted to finish in under an hour and we did.

We met one of my cousins at the Coney Island Lunch today for hot dogs and a visit. It was nice to visit with one of my Scranton relatives. Her daughter is a freshman at Marywood, the same school that DS2 is attending.

Tonight we went to Doc Magrogan’s for dinner. They are known for their oyster bar and fresh seafood. I found out tonight that DS2 and DS3 eat oysters. I thought I was going to have them to myself. I ordered a second dozen after the two boys ate most of the first dozen.

After dinner, DS3 went back to school to work on homework.  We took DS2 back to his school and watched a musician entertain the crowd while DS2 put on his tuxedo and had some fun at casino night.  We bought raffle tickets and won a restaurant gift basket. DS2 now has a few choices to eat out in town.

The pictures will have captions.  Enjoy!


Parents weekend: Day 1..

How about just pictures tonight?    I like it.  We are in Scranton to see our two children for parents weekend. Here are the pictures that I shot tonight. Enjoy!


Good thing I have a Hall Pass..

What, a hall pass, you say?  Yes, this gets me past the hall monitor and able to do whatever I want instead of being in class doing what I am supposed to be doing.  My hall pass allowed me to take last night off and to write a short blog tonight.  Really, that what is says right on the paper.

Last night, well in a word, magical!  My DW and I went to the Sandi Pointe Bistro in Somers Point, NJ to see Peter Mayer (plays for Jimmy Buffett as his full-time gig), Brendan Mayer (his son), Scott Kirby and Lew London. We are big Scott Kirby fans. We are Peter Mayer fans.  After the show we became huge Peter Mayer fans. That man can play the guitar. As good and with as much feeling as anyone I have ever seen. If he comes to your town, cut work, skip school, or just play hookie.  It was a magical night. Here are two videos from last night.

In this song, Peter, Brendan and Scott are singing “Approaching Caroline“.  In this video they are joined by Lew London on India into Teach your children well (CSN song). They were shot on my camera in HD. Sorry for the shake and the crowd noise. The videos are worth the price of admission tonight.

Tonight I played lacrosse on the grass for the first time since August. My knees do not like the uneven surface. I had two goals (against an inverted net and a garbage can). The can does not move much, but it has a high save percentage (not kidding).

Here are three pictures from last night’s concert. Magical…  Enjoy!



Another great use for a library..

Tuesday night yoga started up again tonight. Tuesday night yoga is offered by the local high school under the auspices of the adult school. My DW and I attended last year for three sessions. Two sessions in the Fall and one session in the Spring. The yoga class is held in the library at the local high school. Our Fall session looks to have four students including my DW and I. Everyone in the class (students and teacher) attended the Fall session last year.

Centered? Not yet. It was real nice to get back to yoga. I think it will take a few weeks before the mind starts listening. My body picked up mostly where it left off.  Turning my mind off for that hour is going to take a little more practice. I’m pretty sure I can get back there.  I think the teacher took it easy on us since this was the first session.

Here are some random thoughts or news from the last two days:

  • Ron White, the comedian has a new video out. You can buy it online for 5 dollars. We bought it two weeks ago on a pre-order for 4.20. We watched the video tonight. If you are a fan, get your hands on this video. It is pretty funny.
  • Monday nigh lacrosse did not go well. As good as last week went, this week did not go well. No shots, no goals, not many balls caught. Yuck! Back to the drawing board.
  • Parents weekend in Scranton is this week. We will be in the neighborhood for most of the weekend.  Both schools have quite the schedule of activities.  We will attend some, and skip some.  It will be nice to see our two younger children.
  • Younger children, if you want anything from home, now is the time to email your parents. DS2, I got your email today.
  • I went to a poll worker training class this afternoon. I am a poll worker in our county. The county decided that everyone that is working this election needs to go through a retraining program. Boring..  I was probably one of the youngest attendees today.
  • Yesterday was my sister’s birthday. She has now made it into the 50 + club. Welcome to the team.
  • Monday night dinner was meatloaf, Tuesday night dinner was ham steak. (Thought you might want to know)

Tonight’s picture comes from when DS1 was out in Ohio for a friends wedding. DS1 in all the way on the right hand side. Enjoy!




Weird beer Sunday..

Two different beers (actually ales) crossed our table this evening.  Both come from the Buffalo Bill’s Brewery in California. They have a website under construction and a minimal Face Book page.  This does not add or detract from their beer. The  Orange Blossom Cream Ale is advertised to have honey and orange bloom extract in it. The ale is good, the orange is on the back-end of the swallow.  Not too overpowering. I would buy this one again for variety. The second ale is the Alimony Ale. Again, a good, drinkable offering. I would prefer a little more of the hops, but it might find its way to our table some day in future. Neither are a “kick it to the curb” beer.

My DW went to a baby shower today. I was allowed to stay home and hammer in the basement. I am close to the cementing part of the waterproofing process. Then I get to paint and pray. Yes, in that order. Every Monday my left hand has a bruise from where the hammer missed the end of the chisel. I’m going to miss those bruises some day.  DS1 went to the pool and then had a private lesson with a high school lacrosse player down at the high school for an hour or so. He has the correct coaching instincts.

Ds2 returned home from Copenhagen, NY. Home means his college dorm. He was in upstate NY for a wedding this weekend. He danced and had a real good time. I’m glad the family made him feel welcome this weekend. DS3 went to a Jazz dance today (or yesterday) and danced and had a good time. This evening he is working on a speech for his public speaking class.

Sunday dinner was shrimp scampi with rice.  We had fresh mozzarella and prosciutto as well. 

Tonight’s picture show not need captions. They are either beer six packs or from the wedding. Enjoy



First Day of Fall 2012..

It sure is humid this evening. I thought that nonsense was a summer phenomenon. I guess not. Today I went bike riding with my brother the weatherman. He did a mini-triathlon early in the morning and then met me for a 20 mile bike ride. I had hoped that the morning exercise would have worn him out. That clearly was not the case today.  We had a great time. The weather was nice (but breezy).  We had a seafood lunch at the Point Pleasant Co-Op’s fish market.

My DW had a quiet day without me. She did some housework and read her book. She said the house was “nice and quiet”  DS1 worked today. This evening he is out with friends. DS2 is in upstate New York for the wedding. He sent lots of pictures that I will post tomorrow night. DS3, not really sure. 

Tonight’s pictures are of my brother and I at the Manasquan Inlet. This was the halfway point of the ride. Enjoy!



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