Somebody has a case of the..

Mondays, perhaps?  Not me, at least not today.  That is an “Office Space” reference in case you don’t know. Google it! Quite the excellent movie.  I was back to work today, as was actually, everyone in our home. Some continued, some returned. The continued kids have a few more days until college starts up. The returned are doing 40 to life.

My DW worked a full day as did I. DS1 was the boss man today at work. He employer is away in North Carolina visiting some growers.  He (DS1) said today was one of the best days at work. He is tired of driving the truck and wants to get on with learning the business. I keep telling him to be patient, learning from the bottom builds a good foundation. DS2 just arrived home from work. He brought home some Applewood Smoked Bacon from the Acme. The bacon is thick cut and looks good. Somehow it will become part of dinner one night this week. DS3 is still at work for another 40 minutes. He is done Wednesday night for the summer.

No lacrosse for me tonight. This is the start of week three of being on the IR (injured reserve).   My DW went to yoga tonight. She asked if I wanted to go, but the Monday night instruction pushes the class pretty hard. I’m not sure I am ready for that challenge yet.  I drove my van to work today, post warranty work. The ABS light is no longer lit. The horn works. And the cruise control, well that worked for all of 5 minutes this morning. Rats! These three things not working were the indicators that got my old van seen for warranty work on Friday.  Back to the drawing board trying to trouble shoot that  problem.

There are two pictures tonight. One picture is of the bluefish the DS1 caught yesterday. The other is of a sunset that he photographed with his phone. Enjoy!


Weekend wrap up..

I skipped writing last night.  Duh, no kidding.  Saturday was quiet. It rained during the overnight and into the morning. I escaped yard and garden chores due to the rain. Then the sky cleared, but I had already gotten into a new book. Several hours and a short nap later, the book was done. During that time my DW went into work (she was on call) and DS1 stopped by. He was delivering plants to LBI and stopped by for lunch. The evening was quiet as well. DS2 worked the afternoon shift. DS3 worked the 2 to 11 shift. Me, I goofed off all day.  Our next door neighbors had their annual kids birthday party in their yard.  I’m getting less and less kid tolerant in my old age.  The kids running around after 9 pm all blowing whistles was the worst.

Sunday started out cool. The weather (except for the rain Saturday morning) was great all weekend. The temperatures got into the lower 80’s with tolerable humidity. At night the temperature got down to the middle 60’s. That makes for good sleeping weather with the windows open.  Breakfast was eggs for most of us. DS2 brought home venison from NY when he was there back in June. He leaves for school in a week, so I figured I better cook his venison before he goes back. When he was up in NY they had venison, left over salt potatoes and eggs for breakfast. We just happened to have left over salt potatoes. I cooked him a NY breakfast. He says it was like the meal he had up there.

I did my yard and garden work today. The rain only postponed the work. I picked lots of cucumber and some tomatoes. My DW and I made salsa that she freezes using the tomatoes. The cucumbers will probably go to work since I think we are overstocked with pickles.  DS1 had the day off. Part of his day was spent fishing off the jetty in Barnegat Light. He showed me a picture of a small bluefish that he caught. The fish went back into the water after the picture. DS2 is working the evening shift again. DS3 is also working the evening shift.

Dinner tonight was stone crab claws from Georgia, fresh Bronzino (a Mediterranean sea bass), lobster meat and yellow rice. My DW made the rosemary vinaigrette that went on top of the fish. The fish turned out good. DS1 was the only person home to eat with us. There is a plate waiting for DS2 when he gets home from work tonight.  DS3 has asked if he and his girl friend can use the hot tub tonight after he gets off work. Hmmm. I told him as long as they are done by 11:30 ands quiet, everybody has to go to work tomorrow. Should be interesting. Her mother wants a picture of me and her daughter tonight. I guess she does not belive that DS3’s parents are home..

Tonight’s pictures were lifted from Face Book.  The captions will explain what they are about. Enjoy!



Finally Friday..

I took last night off from blogging. We (DS3, his girl friend and I went to Thursday night lacrosse in Manalapan. No, I did not play. If my son plays next Thursday, I will play since he is going back to school on August 26.  He had a goal and an assist last night. Last night was special for us lacrosse players because a group of guys from North Jersey came down to play a real game with us. A real game is one where you have referees (we had three) and you keep score. We could have done without the score keeping. The we lost a little to a lot.  These guys had uniforms and play together in the fall and winter together and have done so for years.

Another thing that we missed yesterday was the celebrating of National Rum Day. Yes, that was yesterday. I told my DW this evening about this and she said I should celebrate doubly today. Good plan, I think. Tonight she has already gone to bed. She has been coughing all day. When she has a cold in her throat, she usually losses her voice. She pretty much has lost her voice tonight. Some people might see that as a good thing.  Hey, I’m only kidding! She knows that..right honey? LOL, maybe Saturday will start with me in the dog house. I can still bark from there.

Today was an odd day. Being a Friday, I worked from home. How about some bullets for the day:

  • DS2’s car was in the shop for a day, never got worked on. Maybe next week. He worked the afternoon shift
  • My car had warranty work done on it today. Yep, warranty work at 246,000 miles. Nothing like a “lifetime national re-call” to cover your repairs
  • Uncle Dude is back at work after his stroke. He and I are both 51. About a month ago he had a minor stroke that he appears to have fully recovered from. If you did not know about his week in the hospital, you would not have any clue. He stopped by the house for an hour while down this way for work. I sent him home with tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden
  • DS1 worked today. He stopped by the house with his farmer truck. There is a picture below. He is spending the night at his girl friends house in Allentown, PA
  • DS3 is at work tonight. He got to drive my van home from the shop. He does not like my van. He says the seats are too high. This comment comes from the person that drives a Mustang
  • Work for me was a little busy when I was working. I went to a customer’s location in town to re-install a computer that their tech had rebuilt. It’s fun to go into the real world once and awhile

Tonight’s pictures (two of them) have captions. Enjoy!



No dancing tonight..

Yesterday was our big mid-week date night. Tonight?  Leave to Beaver night. What that means is staying home, not doing much. We had dinner as a family (except for DS1 who was not home from work yet). The other two boys had the day off.  My DW worked a full day. Me, I was crazy busy at work. I got quite a bit accomplished.  I have one more crazy day planned, then Friday will hopefully fill in the blanks from the week.  Thankfully most of the customers have been on their best behavior this week.

DS2 went to the eye doctor for his annual before school check up. This is the fateful check up last year that revealed that he had two detached retinas and needed immediate surgery on both eyes. This year, no problems. Simple eye exam, update the proscription and have a nice day. His car goes in the shop tomorrow for a safety check before he leaves for college next weekend. He is pretty excited about his eyes and that college is “nearly single digit days away”.  But, who’s counting.

My DW did go to yoga tonight. She has been coughing quite a bit tonight. I hope she does not get worse.

Tonight’s picture comes from our visit to Anna Farms near Charlotteville, VA back in April. This porch was a perfect place to start or end the day. Enjoy!


Dancing was allowed..

We went to the Tuckahoe Inn this evening to see Scott Kirby and Dave Edminsten play.  What a magical night!  We left Manahawkin for the 40 mile drive south and it was raining here and had rained off and on (flash flood warnings, raining), all afternoon. By the time we got down to Beasly’s Point (location of the Tuckahoe Inn), the road was dry as were the picnic tables.  In this video you can see the band performing and a shot of the crowd and the patio where the concert took place.

We had a table to ourselves for most of the evening.  Towards 9 pm another couple asked if they could sit with us since all the other tables were full. We said sure, and met some new people.  Turns out the husband is a nurse. The wife, I’m not sure. The husband also works beach patrol EMT in the summer time. He had a few interesting stories to tell. 

We, my DW and I got up and danced to quite a few songs. The “dance floor” was a concrete patio that was slightly sloped towards the water. I guess for better drainage or, the concrete settled over the years. Either way, when we danced, she was closer to my height when I was downhill and she danced on her toes when she was downhill. It was a funny (to me at least). Maybe we should have dance laterally with me downhill the entire time..

The food was decent bar food, the table service was not rushed. I guess they figured that we got our table early were going to stay until 10 pm when the show was over. Why rush?  In this HD video, hosted on You Tube, you can see more of the band, the crowd and Great Egg Harbor.

Kids, they all worked today. My DW worked a full day. I worked from home and went to see the orthopedic surgeon with my MRI films. He looked at the films and told me that I had a tear of the muscle in my calf. I should not run or play lacrosse for a few weeks. That the injury could take up to 8 weeks to heal and.. the longer I stay off it (re:lacrosse), the shorter the time to getting my leg back to 100 %.  Hmmm.  Then he sends me an invitation to do a 12 mile Tough Mudder with him and some other men our age on June 1, 2013.

Tonight’s picture is from the show. Enjoy!



One day off from the A/C..

The weather here in New Jersey was pleasant today. The humidity was decent and the temperatures got into the mid 80’s. We turned the a/c off this morning after what seems like a two-week straight run of hazy, hot and humid weather. The humid stuff is forecast to return tomorrow.  DS1 brought home the work truck tonight. I posted the picture of this truck last week. I will include it again at the bottom. He parked the truck in the driveway since the town does not allow overnight truck parking on the street. It is pretty comical to see this huge truck in the driveway with… farmer plates. I did not know that the State of NJ issued Farmer Plates. They must, there are a set on the truck in the driveway. He drove the truck home since he was making a delivery to a local landscaper.

Ds2 is working the closing shift tonight. He is counting the days to returning to school. DS3 worked the day shift at the B & B Department store today. He said work was slow. Tonight he and  his girl friend are at Kelly’s in Barnegat Light for dinner. He asked about the restaurant I told him “the food is ok, the prices are ok, the table service is slow. And, you will probably have to wait for a table” He said that was just fine. I guess waiting with your honey is a good thing. 

My DW worked a full day then had to go back for three more hours. This is her call week. I was busy today. Tomorrow I am working from home because I have a doctor’s appointment in the morning about my calf. It still hurts. Not that I am complaining (maybe a little), just every now and then it hurts a little bit more. 

I got caught up on my Falling Skies episodes tonight. I missed two weeks during the Olympics. Not that I watched the Olympics, I just missed watching my show. I don’t watch much tv during the summer.  Dinner tonight was a COSTCO chicken.  I was cooking tonight and had not defrosted anything this morning. The COSTCO is 5 minutes away.  Easy in and out. The best part, the only thing I bought was the chicken. I resisted the urge to buy the jumbo bag, box of something to help fill my cart.

Tomorrow night, all things being equal, we are going to the Tuckahoe Inn to see Scott Kirby.  I may miss posting due to having too much fun! (I hope)

Tonight’s picture is of the truck that is in my driveway. Enjoy!


Ah, the empty nest..

Not really empty, at least not yet.  This evening nobody is home except for my DW and I. DS1 went to work Saturday morning saying that he was not coming home Saturday night. He went to Allentown to visit his girl friend. He has not been home today. His phone must be dead since he does not answer calls or texts. DS2 is at work today until 9 pm. DS3 is working until close. This means 10 pm plus clean up the store. He should be home by 11 pm. He did make it home alive Friday night and I still have some teeth left from grinding them that night.

Us, the happy couple. We had a date weekend. I took my date to Annapolis to see a professional lacrosse game. It is a good thing she likes lacrosse. We left Saturday morning and were in Annapolis by noon time. We had a room booked at the Taylor House, a bed and breakfast in Annapolis. We stopped by the house, got our key and got changed into bathing suits. The owner directed us to the local state park called Quiet Waters State Park. Here we rented kayaks for a couple of hours. We kayaked on Harness Creek. In this video, we are in one of the secluded coves off Harness Creek. The kayaking was easy, there was not much boat traffic or wind to disturb the water.

After our boating adventure we returned to the bed and breakfast and got showered and cleaned up. We met some friends at the Boatyard Bar and Grill for dinner. They had dessert since they had already eaten dinner. My DW and I had crab cakes. I had a sandwich, she had the dinner without the bread. The crab cakes were very good. I also had Malpeque oysters as an appetizer. There were delicious. After dinner we drove over to the Navy – Marine Corps Memorial Stadium, in the rain, for the game.

We did not have tickets so as we walked under our umbrellas towards the ticket window I ask a guy if he had tickets to sell. He said here, take these two, I’m going home. And, the tickets included two VIP tent passes!. I was excited,these ticket would cost you 50 dollars each. I looked at the ticket and they were singles, one here and one there. Since there were four of us, I decided to just buy tickets so we could all sit together.  When we got in the stadium the game was under a lightning delay. We made our way towards the VIP tent to see what these passes would get us. The husband and I went into the tent with the passes and saw the food and open bar. We each got a beer. I went back for the ladies. My DW used one of the passes and came back in with me. Then I went back out and brought the other wife in with me using the passes. We hung out, had free beer and soft drinks untill the game was ready to start. Our seats were under the overhang so we did not get wet.

The home team lost. We enjoyed the game. After the game the other couple drove south to their home near Washington, DC. We went back to the Boatyard for drinks. I had another half-dozen oysters and some rum. It was an enjoyable way to end our date night. The bed and breakfast only had one room left when we booked. This room had two single beds. We slept in separate beds in the same room for maybe the first time in our lives. I did not like it.  One night, you can do most anything.  Next time we will make sure we get a room with a queen or king sized bed.

Sunday we had our continental breakfast and then headed home. On the way we stopped at the farmer’s market downtown in Annapolis. We purchased Cream Line Chocolate milk for the children. This milk has been pasteurized, not homogenized. The milk is very creamy and tastes like a milkshake out of the bottle. We also bought some crab meat and some crab dip. The ride up 95 was not to bad.  No real traffic jams.

Tonight for dinner we had filet mignon with fresh crabmeat on top. This was covered in a Hollandaise Sauce. We had mashed potatoes with crab chirps mixed in and a salad. Now, it’s quiet.  She is reading a book and I am typing..

Tonight’s pictures from the weekend. Enjoy!


If I had a hammer..

There are several things I might use it on. These may be just small nails that stick out, a good whack might push them back in place.  In no particular order:

  • Why does an MRI machine have to make so much noise? This is 2012 (almost 2013), people please, somebody invent the quiet MRI machine
  • When my test was over today, 30 minutes of mind numbing noise, it would have been nice if they let me sit up on the table for 30 seconds to get re-oriented.  I was in another time/place when the test was over. Hopping up and leaving immediately was a challenge. I can’t imagine how it is for the elderly. That is not yet me.
  • College can’t come soon enough for DS3. As my brother the weather man said “That boy needs a break from driving”.  Tonight he is taking his girlfriend to the 10:30 movie. Gets him home after 1 am or so. He better make it home with no phone calls.. Nothing good happens after midnight.
  • The wasp nest from the other night appears dead. I guess the wasp and bee killer I sprayed it with did the job. I was out picking tomatoes in the garden today and there was no activity around the nest.
  • Saturday we head to Annapolis to see the Chesapeake Bay Hawks play the Denver Outlaws in professional lacrosse. We hope to go kayaking Saturday afternoon for a few hours. We are staying a bed and breakfast in Annapolis for the night. Their website can be found here.
  • My brother only had one goal last night. This correction is brought to you be the AARP, for older Americans (LOL)
  • Two of my worlds collided today. One of the guys I play lacrosse with in Lake Placid emailed me today to ask if I was “Limeguy”. I said yes, and where did you find me. He said a “friend” had been searching for pictures of Lake Placid and had found my blog. Small world.

My DW worked a half day. She walked me through the check in process at her hospital before her shift started. We went to break after my test. I was her driver today. Drop off and pick up service.  I worked from home. I spoke with a few of my favorite customers today. They all had odd problems that we got resolved. DS1 worked a full day. He needs to use an outdoor shower before coming in the house. Note to self: build an outdoor shower with said hammer.  DS2 worked a full day at the deli. Tonight we discussed some possible parameters for studying abroad. He has much reasearch to do. DS3 worked half a day as well. He had a doctor’s visit to wrap the care for the infected leg. His leg is much, much better and the allergic reactions on the rest of his body have stopped and subsided.

Tonight’s pictures are again from my Lake Placid trip last weekend. Enjoy!


I better hurry up..

I better hurry up and get this done before it is tomorrow.  Not that it really matters. Tonight is Thursday, August 9, 2012.  This evening I went to Thursday night lacrosse even though I could not play. I brought my gear bag, even though I could not play. Not playing was difficult. Kind of like going to your favorite restaurant with your friends and sitting at the table with them watching them eat. Man..

DS3 played as did my brother the weather man.  Ds3 had a goal and two assists tonight. One of his assists was a feed to my brother who was standing alone on the crease. My crease.. It was funny to see him play attack.  Here is a person that goes out for a 10 k run just because. He belongs on the midfield line running back and forth. I know he had one goal, but I think he may have had another. He got plenty of passes tonight.

Standing on the sidelines tonight I shot some video of the guys playing under the lights. If you click here, you can see that video.

Tonight’s pictures are of Keene Valley, NY. This is part of the drive from the highway into Lake Placid.  I was not able to shoot any picture of the Mustang tonight since there was an accident on the GSP (not involving my son) and I got home late. Enjoy!


Life is just a tire swing…

Wednesday night here in New Jersey. DS2 just go home from work. He was supposed to be off today but they called him in when someone else called out sick. He has succeeded turning his scheduled 27 hour week into a 36 hour week once again.  Good for him.  DS1 worked a full day at the tree farm. He sent a picture of the truck he is learning to drive. He posted this on Face Book today. I will repost at the bottom of the blog. My DW worked a full a day. Tonight she went to yoga after dinner. The class is in the summer doldrums, or everyone might be on vacation. There were only six women in the class tonight.  I did not go because my leg still hurts.

I worked today as well. Another busy, post vacation day for me.  I have an MRI scheduled for 7:30 am Friday morning. I had several choices of times and figured that the first appointment might, might be on time since there would be no patients ahead of me.  I sprayed the wasp nest today with a can of bee and wasp killer. I hosed their front door for about 45 seconds before they started to come out looking for trouble. I’m going to chop away a little each day. I’m not running too fast these days.

Life is just a tire swing is from a Jimmy Buffett song  of the same name.  Here is the pertinent set of lyrics for tonight:

Then the other morning on some Illinois road
I fell asleep at the wheel,
But was quickly wakened up by a ‘Ma Bell’
telephone pole, and a bunch of Grant Wood
Faces screaming, ‘Is he still alive?’
But through the window could see
it hangin’ from a tree, and I knew
I had survived.

No, not me. The child whose story de’ jour has not yet written been about today day owns this one. DS3 went to Morey’s Pier in Wildwood to celebrate a friends birthday today. He fell asleep driving on the GSP on the ride home this evening. Fortunately for him, not the car next to him, there was a car next to him. He bounced off that car and woke up before he could leave the roadway.  The Mustang has minor damage to the passenger side.  He received a ticket for careless driving for his effort. But, he is still alive and learning from each experience that he encounters.

Tonight’s picture is of the truck that DS1 is learning to drive. Tomorrow I may post pictures of the Mustang. When he got home tonight it was too dark to take decent pictures.  Enjoy!


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