You have suffered through a “Fluff Week”..

Yes, you have. Maybe you did not notice with all the craziness going on in your lives.  Ok, I should define what made this a “Fluff Week”, from my point of view. First of all, on a personal basis, I have used pictures as an excuse to not write the words to describe the week.  Why, I was in a “Fluff” mood.  Nationally, we had a hurricane smack the Gulf Coast. The coverage was fair. Two days after the hurricane, you have to really look for the coverage.  The damage and the heartache continues for these people, we just look to the next fluff story.

The Republicans had their convention this week. Fluff for sure.  I am a Republican, I did not watch the convention. Does it really matter what they said?  Fluff.

As far as the family goes, DS1 continues to work.  DS2 and DS3 are away at college. We (DW and I) toyed with the idea of visiting with them this holiday weekend. In the end we decided to stay home. I hope to ride my bike and do some kayaking.  The college kids are adapting to the college lifestyle once again. DS2’s school (Marywood) got a Starbucks over the summer.  Where do college kids get money for Starbucks? I can’t afford Starbucks every day. Oh, the money comes from their parents, silly me. DS3’s school already had one when he started attending there.

We had a fun evening tonight. One of the local musician’s that we follow was playing at Calloway’s tonight. We vouchers for 10 dollars off that we used. In this video you can see the musician doing Pink Floyd. In a bar, no less.  In this video he is his doing a Led Zeppelin song.   We had a fun night singing along. DS1 stopped by for dinner after work.  Even he knew some of the songs.

Tonight’s picture is of a laundry basket of CLEAN lacrosse gear.  I washed DS3 and my gear and put them out in the sun to dry. Now they don’t smell as bad. Enjoy the visual, not the smell!


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