Off the couch (chair) once again..

My DW and I went out after dinner tonight.  Like last night, we went searching for pictures. Or more correctly, pictures waiting to be taken. I shot quite a few pictures again tonight. I have, in less than a week, shot almost 1000 pictures. It’s a good thing they are free to see, save or delete.

Tonight’s location was Barnegat Light. We were on LBI in time to see the boats go out fishing for the night trips.  We also saw an awesome sunset.  Work, whatever..  Kids, DS1 had the big truck tonight. He was home before either of his parents. He made deliveries locally then called it a day parking the farmer truck in the driveway. DS2 and DS3 continue to enjoy their classes. I spoke with both of them today. Each sounded like they had a smile on their face. That’s good..

Picture time..  Captions tell the story. Enjoy!

Doris Mae heads out for a night of Bluefishing

Sunset, notice the detail of the waves

Barnegat Light House

Route 72 Causeway in the background