More camera time..

The high point of my day was playing with the camera. At lunch time I went over to the airport to practice. Tonight I went down to the high school to practice, hoping I would find a football practice going on. What I found was a scrimmage under the lights on the stadium field. In the past (not last year) I was be part of a group of parents that would shoot pictures and video for the football team and the marching band. We would upload our pictures and then share them with the families of the players.

I took last year off from this group. My DW and I wanted to enjoy our time without any children home. This year I have a new toy and am looking for opportunities to practice my craft. I may shoot some of the football games this fall It really depends on when the games are and where they are. I am more likely to shoot a home game then to drive 50 miles each way to shoot an away game. Time will tell.

Enough chatter. Here are a few of the pictures I shot today. Enjoy!


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