Where are those kids, it’s too damm quiet..

Really? After only 12 hours with just one child living in the house?   I asked my DW that question this afternoon while she and I were the only one home. DS1 was on LBI goofing off (some fishing, some whatever). The other two boys had left for school, arrived, moved in, got back together with their friends and promptly forgot that they live in Manahawkin. Just like that.

In the big picture, them adjusting quickly to the change in living location and rules is a good thing.  It is also a good thing that they can drive themselves back to school and get moved in without the help of their parents. I will admit that I missed going to Scranton today.  This was a step back (by the parents) and hope for the best moment.

DS3 went back to school on Saturday. He was supposed to move in on Sunday, but his roommate spent the summer on campus so DS3 had access to his room a day early. So far, we have not heard much from him.  We saw his plus one at the grocery store today. She works where we do our weekly food shopping.  I asked about him and she said he was doing fine.  Classes start tomorrow.

DS3 left the house at 6:30 am this morning for his move in adventure. He had no issues with the drive. He also has gotten together with his friends and slipped back into college life. Ok, I am jealous. I would like to be living in a full-time learning environment without the cares of the adult world. Who wouldn’t?   His classes start tomorrow as well.

At home, we (DW and I) did our usual weekend stuff. This was the last weekend for the outdoor professional lacrosse season so we watched the semi-finals and championship games on tv. There will be no more new lacrosse on tv until the indoor season starts around Christmas time. 

I have quite a few pictures from the last two days. I will post a few here .  Enjoy!


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