Take a deep breath..

Choice, choices, we all make them.  Tonight is neither a rant about choices nor a sermon about choices. Maybe,  tonight is about accepting your choices. Heck, maybe not.  I guess the opening tone for tonight’s blog has been set by the impending departure of the two younger children this weekend, off to college.  I would have thought that after last year’s drama with the start of school and all the children off to college, that this year would be easy.  Easy.. interesting word.

This year will probably be looked back on as easy. If you discount the multiple car “incidents” with DS3  and the uncertainty of the college degree that DS2 is working towards, then everything else is nonsense. We have tried to focus some of our efforts (means money) on making sure that the kids cars and other items that we think we can control are in the best possible shape. Just yesterday, DS2’s car sprouts a “Service Engine Soon” light. The car was in the shop last week.  This morning DS2 forwarded me an email from one of his professors detailing what books would be needed for class. We purchased all (we thought)  of his books about three weeks ago.  This professor has pushed our book expenses above 500 dollars for the semester.

We went to leave DS2’s car at the shop today to have some sensor replaced and when we got home I noticed the tread was coming off the front driver’s tire on my van. I was going to  have DS2 drive my car to work today while his car was being fixed. Change of plans, dude, drive your car while mine gets the tires replaced. Hopefully there is some warranty since the tires are less than a year old. I will find out tomorrow. Tomorrow DS2’s car goes back to the shop to have the sensor replaced. Did you know that a parking sticker at Marywood cost 200 dollars a year? I found out today from a cousin, that a parking sticker at Penn State costs 700 dollars a year!  Yikes and Yikes!

Tonight, for his last dinner home until the holidays, DS3 choose a rib roast with crab meat and hollandaise sauce, mashed potatoes for dinner.  He is our meat and potatoes child. His girlfriend came by to have dinner with us. She seems to like beef as well. They are currently “out” for the evening. She has a 12:30 am curfew. Tomorrow afternoon DS3 leaves for Scranton.

DS1 is in bed at this point in the evening. He had a good day today. The boss is back from visiting some growers in North Carolina. They will go over paperwork and stuff from the last week tomorrow.  DS1 is happy with how the week went.

Work from me was not busy. I coasted today. My DW worked a full day.  DS2 is now home. He is done for the summer as well.

Here are a few pictures from this evening. Shot with the new camera. Enjoy!




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