Post game debrief..

When our children were younger, and even now, my DW would/will always ask them after their game or concert what the coach, teacher, conductor had to say during the “post game debrief”. Usually the words of wisdom are already gone from their minds by the time we ask that question. And we do not wait a week to ask, it was usually right after the event. Tonight’s post game debrief covers the Adult Thursday Night Lacrosse League game. I played tonight for the first time in nearly three weeks. The doctor said to wait at least three weeks, this was close enough.

Tonight was my last chance to play with DS3 until his Christmas vacation. Saturday he returns to college. Me, I had one assist, I missed the goal three times and caught some passes and missed some passes.  My brother the weatherman was there as well.  I don’t think he had any goals tonight. DS3 played well, he had no goals either. At some point he lost the screw that holds the head to the shaft and the head came off the shaft. This ended his night early since nobody had an extra screw. So he sat and hung out with his girlfriend until the game was over. Tonight, for whatever reason, was a passing and catching optional evening. It seems like everybody has a case of the dropped ball or errant pass.

My leg, as of this moment, good as gold. There was no pain tonight in my calf. I was quite surprised. I played slower than usual do give my leg a chance.  It was a lot of fun playing again. I hate watching and not playing my game.

Today I got a new camera to replace my 8-year-old digital camera. The old camera, like my car, had over 200,000 miles or it’s equivalent. The replacement camera is a Cannon Rebel T4i. I got two lens with it, one is an 18 – 135 mm and the other is a 70 – 300 mm. Part of my weekend will be reading the 400 page manual and taking lots of boring pictures as I learn my way around.

Tonight’s picture is of my DW.  This is the first picture that I took with the camera. Enjoy!


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