Walk a half mile in my shoes..

And then walk back  to the beginning.  This evening my DW and I went for a walk on the beach after dinner. It is funny that we don’t do this more often since the beach is only 7 miles away. Note to self: walk on the beach more often before it gets too cold.  One of the reasons we walked tonight was to stretch my leg out after not really exercising much for the last three weeks.  Tomorrow night I plan on playing lacrosse with DS3 and hopefully my brother the weatherman. Note to my brother: I will have some cucumbers for you tomorrow night. His cucumbers did not flourish like ours did this year.

On our drive to the beach we stopped by the B&B Department Store to see DS3 at his place of employment. Tonight was his last day of work for the summer. Note to DS3: your careless driving ticket cost 87 dollars to pay. See the receipt in the Drop Box. Wow, I’m full of side bars tonight. Sorry for the tangents.  He would not let me use the bathroom at his job. They don’t have “Public Restrooms”. I told him I was not the public, I was his father. It did not matter. I got the whole story about safety and blah, blah..  They also did not have any hats that fit my head. I have a rather xl or xl plus sized head. No wonder I never shopped there before.

Work for me was crazy, again. I just smile and do my thing. The call situation is a little clearer today. Seems that one of the two support people not currently in the call rotation will now become part of it. The other person is going back to college and will only be working part-time. There are still a few more fish to fry on this topic with Lumbergh. I have not yet surrendered.

My DW worked most of the day. It seems that the bean counters are finally looking at her unit and the overtime situation.  The overtime situation for me is great. The extra pay always helps. The hospital does not seem committed to solving the problem, just making it look like they are doing something. The doctors dictate the schedule and have done so for years. The hospital has to staff for the doctors needs without concern for overtime. Good luck solving that one.

DS2 just got home from the deli. He has two more days of work to go. DS1 has one more day to go as the boss man. He said that he and some of the “south of the border” employees shared a watermelon at the end of the day.  They do not put hot sauce on  watermelon. Only on cucumbers.

Tonight’s picture is of my DW on the beach in Ship Bottom, NJ.  Enjoy!