Somebody has a case of the..

Mondays, perhaps?  Not me, at least not today.  That is an “Office Space” reference in case you don’t know. Google it! Quite the excellent movie.  I was back to work today, as was actually, everyone in our home. Some continued, some returned. The continued kids have a few more days until college starts up. The returned are doing 40 to life.

My DW worked a full day as did I. DS1 was the boss man today at work. He employer is away in North Carolina visiting some growers.  He (DS1) said today was one of the best days at work. He is tired of driving the truck and wants to get on with learning the business. I keep telling him to be patient, learning from the bottom builds a good foundation. DS2 just arrived home from work. He brought home some Applewood Smoked Bacon from the Acme. The bacon is thick cut and looks good. Somehow it will become part of dinner one night this week. DS3 is still at work for another 40 minutes. He is done Wednesday night for the summer.

No lacrosse for me tonight. This is the start of week three of being on the IR (injured reserve).   My DW went to yoga tonight. She asked if I wanted to go, but the Monday night instruction pushes the class pretty hard. I’m not sure I am ready for that challenge yet.  I drove my van to work today, post warranty work. The ABS light is no longer lit. The horn works. And the cruise control, well that worked for all of 5 minutes this morning. Rats! These three things not working were the indicators that got my old van seen for warranty work on Friday.  Back to the drawing board trying to trouble shoot that  problem.

There are two pictures tonight. One picture is of the bluefish the DS1 caught yesterday. The other is of a sunset that he photographed with his phone. Enjoy!