Weekend wrap up..

I skipped writing last night.  Duh, no kidding.  Saturday was quiet. It rained during the overnight and into the morning. I escaped yard and garden chores due to the rain. Then the sky cleared, but I had already gotten into a new book. Several hours and a short nap later, the book was done. During that time my DW went into work (she was on call) and DS1 stopped by. He was delivering plants to LBI and stopped by for lunch. The evening was quiet as well. DS2 worked the afternoon shift. DS3 worked the 2 to 11 shift. Me, I goofed off all day.  Our next door neighbors had their annual kids birthday party in their yard.  I’m getting less and less kid tolerant in my old age.  The kids running around after 9 pm all blowing whistles was the worst.

Sunday started out cool. The weather (except for the rain Saturday morning) was great all weekend. The temperatures got into the lower 80’s with tolerable humidity. At night the temperature got down to the middle 60’s. That makes for good sleeping weather with the windows open.  Breakfast was eggs for most of us. DS2 brought home venison from NY when he was there back in June. He leaves for school in a week, so I figured I better cook his venison before he goes back. When he was up in NY they had venison, left over salt potatoes and eggs for breakfast. We just happened to have left over salt potatoes. I cooked him a NY breakfast. He says it was like the meal he had up there.

I did my yard and garden work today. The rain only postponed the work. I picked lots of cucumber and some tomatoes. My DW and I made salsa that she freezes using the tomatoes. The cucumbers will probably go to work since I think we are overstocked with pickles.  DS1 had the day off. Part of his day was spent fishing off the jetty in Barnegat Light. He showed me a picture of a small bluefish that he caught. The fish went back into the water after the picture. DS2 is working the evening shift again. DS3 is also working the evening shift.

Dinner tonight was stone crab claws from Georgia, fresh Bronzino (a Mediterranean sea bass), lobster meat and yellow rice. My DW made the rosemary vinaigrette that went on top of the fish. The fish turned out good. DS1 was the only person home to eat with us. There is a plate waiting for DS2 when he gets home from work tonight.  DS3 has asked if he and his girl friend can use the hot tub tonight after he gets off work. Hmmm. I told him as long as they are done by 11:30 ands quiet, everybody has to go to work tomorrow. Should be interesting. Her mother wants a picture of me and her daughter tonight. I guess she does not belive that DS3’s parents are home..

Tonight’s pictures were lifted from Face Book.  The captions will explain what they are about. Enjoy!



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